haha,you to learn it out yourself step by step.but i will help you this time.
/Given the number of commodities bought, create a program that computes the
total amount purchased in a fast food center. Assume that the following unit
price of each commodity

include <iostream.h>

void main(){
int a,b,c,d; //a=Fried Chicken,b=Cheese Burger,c=French Fries,d=Soft Drinks//
float total; //total price for all commodity//

cout<<"Enter the number of commodities bought."<<endl;
cout<<"Fried Chicken:";
cout<<"Cheese Burger:";
cout<<"French Fries:";
cout<<"Soft Drinks:";



This is 1 of the solution for your question. But i believe there is other way.

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can anyone explain to me what is the definition for the both above.i had search on the internet but still cant got wat it is mean by.if can pls show some example to me.thanks