when i try to use the exploit (ms08_067_netapi) with many payloads i get the same error everytime
on any pc even mine
[]automatically detecting the target...
]fingerprint windows 7 professional 7601 service pack-(build 1)-lang:unkown
[]we could not detect the language pack defaulting to english
]exploit exception no matching target
[*]exploit completed but no session was created

help please

[CODE]package amena;

import java.awt.Color;


  • FileSystemModel is a TreeTableModel representing a hierarchical file
  • system. Nodes in the FileSystemModel are FileNodes which, when they
  • are directory nodes, cache their children to avoid repeatedly querying
  • the real file system.

public class FileSystemModel extends AbstractTreeTableModel
implements TreeTableModel {

// Names of the columns.
static protected String[]  cNames = {"Name", "Size", "Type", "Modified"};

// Types of the columns.
static protected Class[]  cTypes = {TreeTableModel.class, Color.class, Color.class, Color.class};
//static protected Color[]  cRows = {Color.white,Color.white,Color.white,Color.white};
// The the returned file length for directories. 
public static final Integer ZERO = new Integer(0); 

public FileSystemModel() { 
super(new ItemNode("Items")); 


// Some convenience methods. 

protected String createItem(Object node) {
ItemNode itemNode = ((ItemNode)node); 
return itemNode.getName();       

protected Object[] getChildren(Object node) {
ItemNode fileNode = ((ItemNode)node); 
return fileNode.getChildren(); 

// The TreeModel interface

public int getChildCount(Object node) { 
Object[] children = getChildren(node); 
return (children == null) ? 0 : children.length;

public Object getChild(Object node, int i) { 
return getChildren(node)[i]; 

// The superclass's implementation would work, but this is more efficient. 

// public boolean isLeaf(Object node) { return getFile(node).isFile(); }

//  The TreeTableNode interface. 

public int getColumnCount() {
return cNames.length;

public String getColumnName(int column) {
return cNames[column];

public Class getColumnClass(int column) {
return cTypes[column];

Color[][] Big2dArray={{Color.white,Color.white,Color.white,Color.white,Color.white,Color.white},

public Object getValueAt(Object node, int column) {
ItemNode item = new ItemNode(node); 
    int row;
    try {
        return Big2dArray[row][column];
    //return Big2dArray[Integer.parseInt(mentababy.toString())][column];
catch  (SecurityException se) ...

i am trying to make a program that edits contacts on a Nokia phone using J2ME
but i don't know how to access the contacts help please

[QUOTE=caperjack;1661184]so, why did you post in the winVista and win7 forum ,maybe best look in the software developing forum .good luck.
ok thanks

i am trying to make a program that edits contacts on a Nokia phone using J2ME
but i don't know how to access the contacts help please

[QUOTE=peter_budo;1623877]Make up your mind. Either it is working and you did not ruin query or it doesn't work and is throwing exception, in witch case you should post exception. You should use try/catch statement instead of hopping that Java will give you some meaningful messages on runtime[/QUOTE]

i said it's working it's working
its working perfectly THE JTABLE IS NOT WORKING the database is working no exceptions no nothing

[QUOTE=peter_budo;1622572]That will be because your IDs() method gets only connection, create statement, but DOES NOT execute any query. Its like driving your car down to petrol station, park in front of pump and waiting to get it filled on its own.[/QUOTE]

man please understand me i said i tried to let it do something before but it didn't work so i let it do nothing to see where is the problem and as you can see the problem is not in this method it's in the connection method

[QUOTE=Aviras;1622126]What exactly does your IDs() method do, e.g. why does it return an unused vector, and you don't even use the returned Vector in your constructor ?[/QUOTE]

i coded it before to return data in that vector but when i saw that the JTable doesn't work with that vector i tried to just call it without using it. and i found that the JTable also don't work although it does nothing.
when i comment it.the JTable appears

[QUOTE=Muralidharan.E;1621277]Did you got any exception from the following code ?

[CODE]private Statement connect() throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException{ Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://","root","root"); return con.createStatement(); }[/CODE][/QUOTE]

no actually i tried to read from the database and System.out.println the data and it output it perfectly i don't see any problem in the database

i wanted to create a gui java program that reads info from MySql then output it in a JTable.
but i first tried to use the JTable because it was my first time to use it.
It worked perfectly but when i tried to read from the database it doesn't display the JTable although i don't read anydata from the database here is the code.
the function IDs() when called the JTable don't appear.
import java.awt.Dimension;
import java.sql.*;
import java.util.Vector;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JScrollPane;
import javax.swing.JTable;

public final class MyFrame extends JFrame{
String[] columnNames;
Object[][] data;
public MyFrame() throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException{
setSize(900, 500);
int i,j;
String[] col={"ID"};
IDs();//when i remove this line the JTable appears
//Create and set up the content pane.
final JTable table = new JTable(data, columnNames);
table.setPreferredScrollableViewportSize(new Dimension(500, 70));

    JScrollPane scrollPane = new JScrollPane(table);

}//end of constructor
private void define(){
    String[] columnNames = {"First Name","Last Name","Sport","# of Years","Vegetarian"};
    Object[][] data = {
    {"Kathy", "Smith","Snowboarding", new Integer(5), new Boolean(false)},
    {"John", "Doe","Rowing", new Integer(3), new Boolean(true)},
    {"Sue", "Black","Knitting", new Integer(2), new Boolean(false)},
    {"Jane", "White","Speed reading", new Integer(20), new Boolean(true)},
    {"Joe", "Brown","Pool", new Integer(10), new Boolean(false)}

private Statement connect() throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException{
             Connection con=DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://","root","root");
             return con.createStatement();
public Vector IDs() throws ClassNotFoundException, SQLException{
    Vector vec=new Vector();
    Statement stm=connect();
    return vec;

}//end of class
please help i need to read data from the database

[QUOTE=JamesDStorey;1597774]Hi bubu,

Here is the d3dx9_34.dll : [URL="http://www.d3dx9.net/download-missing-d3dx9_34-dll/"][U]http://www.d3dx9.net/download-missing-d3dx9_34-dll/[/U][/URL]…download it and then extract the downloaded zip file to the system32 folder which is located in windows folder (that is located in your main drive which contains the installed windows)[/QUOTE]

and my name is bubA not bubu

[QUOTE=JamesDStorey;1597774]Hi bubu,

Here is the d3dx9_34.dll : [URL="http://www.d3dx9.net/download-missing-d3dx9_34-dll/"][U]http://www.d3dx9.net/download-missing-d3dx9_34-dll/[/U][/URL]…download it and then extract the downloaded zip file to the system32 folder which is located in windows folder (that is located in your main drive which contains the installed windows)[/QUOTE]

i don't think you have understood my qeustion
i need this dll file FOR WINDOWS 64 BIT

i was trying to open a game that told me d3dx9_34.dll file is missing

but i searched c:/windows/system32 and the file was there after alot of search and thinking
i thought the problem is that i have windows 64 bit but the dll is 32 bit

so i want d3dx9_34.dll for windows 64 bit

anyone may give me a link?

how to close it?

thanks everybody for help

y are you all replying to my thread????? i will close it right away

[QUOTE=caperjack;1576329]pardon me for being so cynical,but didn't you come here looking for answers and opinions, its my opinion that all thing make a difference when downloading from the internet .

giving your speed ,i would download them separate,good luck[/QUOTE]

no problem man,i will do your advice but may you expalin for me your opinion.
i am really interested in networking.

[QUOTE=Bal;1576325]Close the thread please, if all working.[/QUOTE]
how to close the thread?
and what does closing the thread mean?
no one can post reply
or no one can find this thread?

[QUOTE=caperjack;1576185]basically i would say either way it doesn't matter .,reason it just doesn't matter ,i have done it with 10 or more even , all at the same time ,but i have high speed cable at 30megs,where i can get 1.9 med download speeds from some sites/seeds what ever

also i will say this, not enough info supplied!
what are you using to download the files ,where are you downloading files from, how fast is you internet,ect ect[/QUOTE]

although i don't see that it would differ but,
my speed is 512 (about 40-50 kb/s down speed)
i am downloading files from blackberry website
size of first file is 402 and the other is 137 MB

I want to download 2 large files
which is better

1-downloading each file alone
2-download both at same time

please say 1 or 2 and reason

i knew what was wrong,
i used a wrong dns because i was changing my isp a couple of times lately
xfire and cod4 don't use dns that's y they were working.
thanks everybody for your help

thanks all for help, i will try your suggestion bal.

something weird have recently happened to my pc,
2 days ago when i opened my pc i opened google chrome .... it didn't open any website neither firefox,opera,IE9 opened anywebsite.
but what is strange is that it's written that there is internet access so i said maybe there are problems with browsers.
i opened the cmd and typed ping google.com but it didn't work.

but a program called xfire had access to internet.moreover a game called call of duty 4 also had access to internet.
but what is even stranger is that xfire has some ads in it, the ads didn't open, an icon in the position of the advertisement said that it didn't open due to connection error.

further info:
it all started when i changed my isp internet connection was really slow so i returned to my first isp again, the first day there was no internet the second day internet was back but only for xfire and call of duty.
checked firewall no problems in it.
other pcs in network have no problems
oh and another thing i think that this happen because i open xfire and call of duty all the time.

any help plz i really want to know wats happening to my pc.

windows 7 32 bit ultimate
i have a huge problem my friend was new to the cmd so he was playing with the new commands then he used this commands "net user youssuf (his user name) %random%"
then he restarted his computer and he obviously didn't know his password.
i tried to reset his password using offline nt password and registry editor I used it to let his password be blank but it didn't work.

then i tried ophcrack that i was sure it was going to work but it said in the black window "no tables found".
i tried to restart the computer but it said the same
then i tried the same cd on another computer it worked perfectly, please help :(

i don't know if there is something wrong with my bios but i have updated it many times and it says it's the latest version.

once, i opened virtual box trying to install a new os on a new vm but it said to me that my processor doesn't support hardware accelerating and virtualization but i used VirtualBox a couple of times before and it didn't say to me anything like that before.

i downloaded an application to see if my processor supports virtualisation and it was written that it supports it but it's disabled from bios and i should enable it.

i restarted my pc and opened bios and there was not anything like that i searched alot but there was not, and i now really want to enable virtualisation but i can't. help please and thank in advanced.

I have just bought a dvd+R DL 8X 8.5 GB to install OSx86.
but because I am a newbie with burning cd/dvds.
I copied the .iso file and pasted it in the dvd then I pressed "burn these files to the disk"(or at least the button was something like that).

but after searching on google for a while I realized that i have to use an ISO burner to burn my iso.
I decided hopelessly to boot the dvd but it didn't work as i predicted :'(.
Now i am very lazy to get out and buy another dvd.
anyone has tip/advice for booting this dvd or booting it from a usb flash drive?

[URL="http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/01/install-mac-leopard-os-x-retail-dvd-on-a-ordinary-pc-with-boot-132-hack/"]i tried to follow the steps here[/URL] but it doesn't work my problem is in the very first step burning the boot 132 generic iso actually i don't know if i did it right or not.
i tried to copy the iso paste it in the cd then press "burn these files to cd" and it burns.
but when i try to boot it doesn't boot :S.
any help please
i use windows 7 32 bit