[QUOTE=peter_budo;1770076]As forum rules clearly state - Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments

Above request is just "hey I have idea of project, do it for me" which doesn't work[/QUOTE]
The "project" was more on the idea stage. Kinda wanted to know how many ways this could be done, if it happened to be that there was some expert on the area. The reason so we were more clear on what we exactly wanted to do and how to engage it most efficient.

And no, its not "hey do my project". Nothing indicates that and it doesn't make any sense either. As you probably know a project is something big, so no sense that I would ask anyone to do it for us. Plus the methods and books we use... Weird accusation.

Anyways don't blame you, this is a coding forum, and should ask help on the codes(with own attempt) instead of "expertise" on something that not many can share.

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It does not work like that, in C++ its automatic its not like that with this complier... Nvm found a guide, thread solved

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Just wondered how to /save projects and files in sml. I use sml/nj complier.. After I write some code for instance, I dont know how to save it like you do in C++ or other languages. Hope someone understands and can help me out :)

Done that, and doesnt come up with correct result.. I hope someone can help me with making the code?