2726 lines just for tic tac toe ?! man you gotta be kidding me. i have one in c++, less than 150. get real dude.

data structures organise data and store it in an efficient way. You don't want data to be cluttered and disorganised, do you?
also, we want to make maximum use of disk space and we also want the data access time to be as low as possible. But both of these requirements are hard to be met in one data structure.
some data structures provide minimum access time, while other use space judiciously. hence we can use the appropriate data structure according to our requirements.

Google it, you'll find plenty of info

The program converts number of hours into days.
after this, try to code that inputs number of minutes and converts in x days y hours & z minutes.
then u can easily work with seconds.

  • Input: Number of Hours 'H'
  • Output: 'H' hours = 'X' Days and 'Y' Hours

    using namespace std ;

void main()
int days, hours ;
int long inputHours ;
cout << "Enter Number Of Hours: " ;
cin >> inputHours ;
days = inputHours / 24 ; //Quotient(Days)
hours = inputHours % 24 ; //Remainder(Hours)
cout << days << "Days and " << hours << "Hours" << endl ;
system ("pause");

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You can use a loop to make a Fibonacci Series.
Its like: 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 etc. i.e. next value in series is sum of previous two values.
You may input the number of values the program should print from the user.