What to do in on-page if a website has been given to you without doing any single seo process on it? How to handle a website by doing only on-page SEO?

I would like to know that which things of website, an expert SEO must put into robots.txt file for disallow? Which pages is better to not show to Search Engines?

Hello Friends. I read somewhere about Link Velocity but could not get it. I would like to know about link velocity and its importance in SEO.

Most webmasters are doing SEO considering Google only. I would like to know which things to keep in mind while doing SEO for Google as well as Yahoo? Means SEO for Yahoo without any effect on Google result.

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I want to know that after doing keyword research how to choose keyword phrase to make meta title and meta description tags? All experts, Please share your knowledge.

I would like to know about sitemap. How sitemap is important in SEO and how to create it?

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Hello friends. There are many things in SEO for the website. Can anyone tell me about Importance of Page layout in SEO? Share your page layout ideas sothat I can understand that how to make effective page layout.

Thanks Kcostner. I am writing articles and submitting it into article directory. But, not promoting is into social bookmarking sites. Now, I will do that.

Thanks for the great technique of Link Wheel, Kcostner. I will try this. Can you tell me that in how much time, I can get result?

Hello Friends. Offpage is long term task and sometimes we have to work hard to get the top keyword ranking in the search engine. I have done many off-page techniques but I could not get my keyword on top. All experts, if you know how to get keyword on top? then please guide me. Different off-page tasks like social bookmarking, blog marketing, forum, comment etc. How much you are doing this to get the keyword ranking on top in Google?

Hello Friends. I am doing SEO for web development website. Is anyone here to guide me that how can I do seo for e-commerce website? How to start seo for e-commerce websites?

Hello. I want to setup Google Webmaster Tools account but don't know how to do. Please guide me that after registration what is the process and after setting up an account which are the most important things to keep in mind?

Hello Friends. Website optimization is not an easy task for me. I know that it is very important task. Can you guide me on the navigation subject? I want to know that which navigation method proves more effective or beneficial for search engines and users?

What is on-page optimization? Please tell me how can you start on-page with the new site?

Friends , tell me that how effective link wheel is to increase keyword ranking? Tell me how can I do link wheel properly?

I want to know about the website navigation. Anyone here to tell me the what is website navigation? Which is the effective website navigation for search engines?

Many search engines are available in on the web but most of the webmasters are using Google. I want to know that why webmasters are emphasizing on Google for doing SEO and why not other search engines? And, how they do SEO effectively only in Google and get the result?

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Hello friends, we all know about article. I want to know that how can I use article to increase keyword SERP in Google? How effective to do this? Share me your experience for this.

Hi friends…

Which way you are using to get keyword on top in Google and how? What you are doing practically? Share with me.

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Which Page is called the perfect optimized page? If anyone tell you to optimize a page perfectly then how could you do? Which factors you should remember to make it perfect? Which on-page task you should implement to make your page perfect?

Hello my webmaster friends. I want to know about Google dance. What is it? And,in which aspects it affect? I heard that it affects keyword SERP, is it true? If yes, what should I do to make it stable because I am facing this problem for my keywords?

I am learning on-page. I would like to know the perfect on-page steps. Which is the start point and end point in on-page? I know some thing in on-page but not all the things and perfect. Can anyone expert webmaster here to guide me on this subject?

[QUOTE=charlenej;1567669]Well it depends! Maybe the keyword you're trying to get rank has high level of competition. If that's the case, then you really need a lot of effort to rank it high on SERP's. If you think you're keywords are quite competitive, I guess, you still need to push your effort to get good results. Just make sure that you're doing quality link building and you do it naturally. Some of the trusted link building techniques are blog commenting on do follow blogs, blog commenting on High PR related niche, guest posting, article submission (but exclude submissions to those article banks that were greatly affected by the Google Panda), video submission, social bookmarking and forum participation.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for very informative reply. If possible provide some on-page info.

Will you tell me that which method or tactic is better from the point of view to get huge traffic and more good back links? I am using some SEO techniques but can’t get the keyword serp increase or steady. Can you tell me the reason behind it?

Hello friends. I need some help from you. I want to increase traffic for my website through my blog. How can I do that? How can I navigate visitors of my blog on my website? Is there any way or best submission website that can fulfill traffic to my website?

Can you tell guide me on blog promotion? If one has created a new blog then how to promote it and which things one has to remember while promoting blog? If you are in that position then what would you do for your blog? Pls, guide me on this matter. I want to create a blog.

Hello webmasters. Website optimization through SEO is not an easy task for me to understand. Actually, I am a learner of this point. Can you share your experience with me and tell me that which points are must to optimize a wed development website? Can you tell me that which steps I can take to optimize a web development website? Can you tell me about the points that I have to consider for the website optimization?

Hello experts. We are doing SEO to get a leads for the website. Can anyone tell me the ways to increase leads for the website. Which SEO techniques can give me more leads? Please, express your experience for getting leads.

I am working for the Mobile Development Experts.
I am doing blog posting, forum posting, blog commenting to get the SERP of the keyword “iPhone application development”. Back links for this page is 27. But, I can’t understand why I am not getting the result. Can you suggest me some idea for this.

My link for this page is [removed].

I saw that some websites have got back link from face book. Can you provide me some Social Media sites that can provide back link or provide huge traffic to the website?