Can anybody help me what is RSS? and how can i create rss, rss feed for a website, i heard it from many people but i don't know exactly. Please tell me briefly how can i use it in the website and tell me the procedure to create rss.

Thanks in advance.

i think you should clean your computer with petrol and soft brush. than keep it a dry place.

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yes, just buy a spitter and you can use two headsets.

i think html site map is for human beings and xml is for google spider robots, because google spider robots read the xml sitemap.

its the long process, not an easy way to rank your keywords high in short period, if this happen than every site will be on the top. you have to work hard on seo via white hat techniques than you can be on the top, but sorry there is no short way to rank high.

It is just like a voting system, google count the every incoming link as a vote. maximum quality and natural links you have, the page rank of website will be increase.

Link that come to inner pages of the website called deep links