I need to highlight the current key pressed in my C# application. To get the keyboard keys code during keyDown and keyUp events i tried returning the keycodes as

protected override void OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs keyEvent) 
    // Gets the key code 
    lblKeyCode.Text = "KeyCode: " + keyEvent.KeyCode.ToString(); 

Other way i tried was to check if each key that i need is pressed

namespace test
    public partial class Form1 : Form
        public Form1()
            // Create a TextBox control.
            Button enterBtn = new Button();
            enterBtn.KeyPress += new KeyPressEventHandler(keypressed);

         private void keypressed(Object o, KeyPressEventArgs e)
             // The keypressed method uses the KeyChar property to check 
             // whether the ENTER key is pressed. 
             // If the ENTER key is pressed, the Handled property is set to true, 
             // to indicate the event is handled.
             if (e.KeyChar == (char)Keys.Return)
                 enterBtn.BackColor = Color.Purple;
                 e.Handled = true;

but still the button on Form1 did not highlighted. help please :(

I am doing Computer and Information Systems Engg. so i have electronics as well as programming concepts.
I am planning to make a surveillance vehicle as my undergraduate project. It will be used to survey any area via a web cam using a PC to control it on a WIFI wireless network with a UI at client side. A LinkSys OpenWRT54GL router to communicate over WIFI. Router needs a hardware hack as to add a serial port to the router so that you can do the interfacing. It is done over [URL="

I am making a DBMS using C#.Net and MS SQL. i want to display the data using crystal reports. In the Database Fields when the Database Expert wizard opens after choosing OLE DB (ADO) and then OLE DB for SQL provider, i have to give the Server, user & password and a database.
The problem is the [I]Database:[/I] drop down list does not shows any database names to choose. I do not know what the problem is kindly help me connecting the database.

thanks for not replying daniweb:).

I am trying to connect a Crystal report to my database.mdf i.e SQL Server database.
When using the wizard At the [I]Database Expert[/I] window after choosing the [I]OLE DB (ADO) [/I]i can not find any server and a database in the drop down menu. how to get that?

i have tried viewing tutorials. I have also restarted the SQL Service from the configuration manager.:sad:

I am making a project for my client who needs a system that has to have a user interface (an Asp website) and a Manager interface (a C# app). the twist is that no matter how many new users sign up or edit their account via website or the manager adds the himself the new members, these changes are to be updated both for manager and the users database. Is it possible if using Ms Visual Studio 2010 and MySql ? How i can accomplish it?

I am making a project for my client who needs a system that has to have a user interface (an Asp website) and a Manager interface (a C# app). the twist is that no matter how many new users sign up or edit their account via website or the manager adds the himself the new members, these changes are to be updated both for manager and the users database. Is it possible if using Ms Visual Studio 2010 and MySql ? How i can accomplish it?

do not mix UDP wwith IP.

UDP is a transport protocol, IP is a routing protocol, they both serve totally different functions. TCP and UDP go together as transport protocols offering connection and connectionless services, IP sits underneith and routes the traffic.Udp is a protocol of transport layer and ip is the protocol of network layer. Network layer is third level layer and transport layer is fourth level layer in osi reference model. Every upper level do the task given by its lower level. Ip set rules for the address of the source and destination node in the network. Where udp set the rules transferring of datagram from source to destination over network.
All these layers are from OSI model. The Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI model) is a product of the Open Systems Interconnection effort at the International Organization for Standardization. It is a prescription of characterizing and standardizing the functions of a communications system in terms of abstraction layers. Similar communication functions are grouped into logical layers. An instance of a layer provides services to its upper layer instances while receiving services from the layer below.

For example, a layer that provides error-free communications across a network provides the path needed by applications above it, while it calls the next lower layer to send and receive packets that make up the contents of that path. Two instances at one layer are connected by a horizontal connection on that layer

2) routers communicate by synchronizing there MAC tables which ...

I am making a [I]Wi-Fi robot[/I] by modifying the controls of an RC car with Micro-controller to steer, IP camera, both of these connected to a Link-sys router that streams the video to my desktop where a C# based application shows video and arrows to steer the vehicle. Plus a GPS to locate the vehicle. It will have a range <= 500m.

[B]i want to ask what feature i am missing that can make this project innovative? In other words what can be a new addition or modification to make this a wow:-O project.[/B]

ok . . this whole project can be sub divided into two parts or engines i.e. Event engine and Analysis Engine.
Event engine has the readers like Packet sniffer and Log file generator and other is Analysis engine that has to analyze using ANN.

i think i should go with the event engine this year and take care of Analysis engine after graduation as a hobby :p. You know some other algorithms to do the analysis? or i shall dump all normal traffic information and match the incoming one if there is any anomaly it will generate an alarm to report the Administrator (ting-ting-ting-ting-ting) :p

thank you L7Sqr for your guidance.

i pursue an IT career in network security etc. in future i l b taking courses like CEH. what i am in for choosing an Internet programming project is to learn Internet programming so i can jump into It security as soon i complete graduation. i know job does not depends on what project you make during graduation but i want to learn network programming right during this year.

There is another project i have in mind, An intrusion Detection System for WEb servers using Artificial Neural Networks that detects an attack on your server it may have packet sniffer module that raw data from network traffic, a proxy server to read TCP/ IP socket, a reader to read the log files, and analysis module that has some neural network that with (MLP) Multi Layer perception implemented with back propagation and genetic algorithms as training algorithms. possibly i will also have to use some Data mining technique . i am researching its feasibility if i can complete this project in next year starting from 1st December 2011.

any resources you know that can help in feasibility study? and what you think about implementation of this project

i ll b completing graduation in Computer and information systems. according to me making a project that constitutes these fields might suffice what i learned in my 3 years. apart from general subjects taught in systems engineering i did CCNA to get networking knowledge.
i am good at C++ and OOP.
i am interested in Internet programming.

other than this,
asking about Internet programming enhancing a protocol can makeup a FYP project?

Hi guys especially in the industry . . i need to choose a final year project covering the fields
Networking + Programming + Hardware = FYP

If you know any hot topics like Cloud computing which have scope in near future or now adays.

People with great Technical skills do not necessarily make good team leaders - People skills are needed too.
plz explain briefly. Thankyou

I am making a game that will be completely playable via mouse.
I want to know is it possible to use Scroll-key to do this action:?:?
any coding would be very helpful.

Can The range of Blue tooth be extended if we modify it using a WI-fi to enhance signals of blue-tooth.

i am a newbie in programming and undergoing Software Engineering Course in current semester. I am making a a simple word processor project more like a Rich text document editor.
[B]what can be the basic features to add to in it?[/B]
[U]Since time is short to complete it, which features would be recommendable and implementable at this time of 2 months only[/U]

what if i can not implement a feature in my university project can i kick out that feature from the project in contingency plan?

Ok guys i got it here . . thanks

yep i did sir, i am asked to write on any topic in Agile Development. And i could not find any other topic except SCRUM. Is it that i am going wrong searching for topics in Agile Development or there is only one method ion Agile Development.

What is Agile Development?
What are the different types of it?
What can be topics related to Agile development . . kindly guide

Should i switch to C#? will it be easier with winforms or with the following features
-Opening a document.
-Save a document.
-Adding page numbers.
-Undo & Redo
-Scrolling with Mouse.
-Keyboard and mouse input.
-compatibility with MS Word all Versions.
shall i use winforms or any other SDK when coding in C++?

thank you so much for consideration and help.
i am new to Win-forms and also did not work on C++ very much . i have to complete this project within 2 months. ill perform the required tutorials. if you know more tutorials and stuff to make me get my hands on win forms well kindly update me ill be very thank full.

Hi, i am working on visual C++ Express Ed and winforms to make a simple Word processor.
What can be the basic functionality like spell check etc i have to put in it and algos to follow?
is there any help on the Internet that u know can help me.