or as you want instead of picturebox use the label containing arrow

Place a panel in your form, set the position and size of the panel which you want to set as limit, and in that panel use a picture box control add an arrow in it. Now place your labels outside the panel and add the x and y values as text in that ...... now when user press N the add one point to y at each press unless the limit reaches that is the upper limit of your panel, and when user press S minu one point from y of picture box at each change also check the values of x and y and update you labels..... same as with E and W..... on pressing W subtract one point and on pressing E add one point to the x value of picturebox

I am Asking what code lines are you using for specifying path?


what code are you using ?

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[B]Answer number one:[/B] [CODE]this.dataGridView1.CellClick += new System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewCellEventHandler(dataGridView1_CellClick);[/CODE] is the event generated when you click on any cell of Datagrid like you were using cellcontentclick

[B]Answer number two:[/B] I used .Value.ToString().ToUpper() == "FALSE" because i was not sure about, is it False or false when converted to string.


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don't place files in your root directory try to create a separate folder for placing the files or place them in you project folder.. Or use any other directory instead

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