Hello :)
I was just surfing this forum and i want to thank you, because it really helped me.
Also, i find the sections of the site very useful. Thank you! :)

I've recently started a website that embeds youtube videos, and i have a question.
From what you wrote in the article, i understood that it is ok to embed a video as long
as the person who uploaded it, is his legal owner. And that i should avoid videos that could have been uploaded illegaly on youtube.

Now, my website uses Youtube API, which returns videos directly from youtube.
So, i can't know which videos violate someone's rights and actually delete them, unless they are removed from youtube first.
I am planing to put a REPORT button on every video, that will have a redirect to youtube's copyright reporting sistem.

My website has at the moment a collection over 30,000 videos.
There are plenty of websites that also use YouTube API.
Should i be worried? What do you think?

is use the id in order to embed a specific youtube video via jw player
so if i have the following id in the url: hTgnDLWeeaM
the player will embed this video: [url]http://youtube.com/watch?v=hTgnDLWeeaM[/url]
i need it in the Url...

i was thinking about:
is it safe?

I see.
Do you have in mind something else?

Hello, i have a question about mod_rewrite.
I have the following url: [url]www.example.com/listen.php?title=U2_with_or_without_you&youtube_video_id=hTgnDLWeeaM[/url]

Now, i want to rewrite it like this:


Now, my question is, since i can't use the caracters - or _ as separators between the get parameters, it is "safe" to use -> ? Is it standard? I don't want to interfere with other websites, if the link will be bookmarked on facebook, or added as link in a youtube description, or anything else...

What do you say?