I think the best advise one would have been able to give on this topic is calculate tax prior to issuing the cupon perhaps? Sound about right? Don't let the scripting API determine tax? Any closer? Non-inheritable method? Brain cells?

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I think I have a better idea than you guys how to do this. I recently created a casino random numbers algorithim which would instead of emitting a random value, it would emit a random percentage. This random percentage would determine which value to emit. In case anyone needs the solution to the problem. If one needs to emit them at a certain frequency one simply specifies the percentage of the time you wish to emit that value. It is really quite simple. If one has a file of random numbers you wish to emit to casino slot machines via encrypted serivice, one simply creates a file download api, and creates emissions until the frequencies are past a certain number where the emissions would become uniform. You therefore have to emit for a certain duration in order for the emissions to become that frequency. One would also increase the emission time in case one would want a really good random file of that frequency.

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Hello all, I was wondering if I could get some questions answered about how cupons work in the work place. I have an idea which involves creating a very flexible cupon service, but would require knowing the rudiments of how cupons work. The main question I have is how is tax calculated on a ware as it is sold under a cupon service. I believe that would be the only thing I would have to stringently mandate as far as the cupon goes, since the institution wishes to clear the merchendise from the floor. The service would involve some C# back end classes which would be passed to an IronPython sandbox such that the users could be very flexible with their cupons, and the domain specific-ness of it could be passed various aspects of the order, such as items, the order it's self, etc. I don't want code, this is a generic discussion on the best way to implement a cupon service using a python sandbox. The classes would be stored in the database as clobs, and I would probably have a seperate service for implementing the registration of said cupon.

The real susbstance of this question is (so make sure you answer this one question) what are the legalities as far as implementing cupons that I have to implement such that I am in good standing with the authorities? These would be implemented as sealed methods or objects.

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I would like to be able to open a port on windows programatically. I don't care whether is power shell, or something else, but I would like it to be a script that I can simply run as I install a software program. I have no experience in this area, and therefore no code, but I hear net admins do this all the time. Thanks ahead of time. I know people don't necessarily like sharing code, but I am on a tight deadline right now, and it is in fact necessary. I have some other code I need to be getting at right now.

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How do I start a MonoDevelop software program as a system service on Windows, Linux, and Mac? Windows appears to not have a system service setting. I have a WCF service that essentially runs from command line. Even if I have to run from command line, I will need to be able to start the command line server on startup.

Apologies for the weird tech, all you have to do is compile MonoDevelop for windows as per the instructions, and when you have a good WCF service you need to remember to set up the project as conventional command line until we can figure out how to run as service.

I am going to have overloads for this service on all those flavors, but linux and windows is most pressing.

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This may sound wierd, or easy, I just don't have a statistics background. How do I alter the statistical value of an array of emmitted random numbers? I am completely capable of using ranges, or creating an algorithim, I just need pseudo code or a brief description to guide me through the process. This is not homework. This would mean I essentially generate randoms, and the final result has a statistical probability. Thanks!

It's called WPF, windows presentation forms, or alternatively WCF, windows communication framework. WPF is a graphical user interface, whereas WCF is a communication framework for distributed computing.

Read this book;
Genetic Algorithms in Java Basics 1st ed. Edition
by Lee Jacobson (Author), Burak Kanber (Author)

Well, let's remember there are three types of hackers, white hat, black hat, and gray hat. Two of them are illegal. One is not. White hats work as penetration testers on corporate networks, they are essentially testing the security of the network in question, and are paid to break in and simultaneously maintain confidentiality. Most of the pen testing books out there claim that the term hacker has been hijacked by the media, and it used to mean little more than a computer afficionado. Let's also bear in mind that a lot of the 'hacker' tools out there are the byproduct of a software developer finding out there are vulnerabilities in thier code, and they needed a tool to test the security of such code. Hack tools are often a byproduct of legitimate needs, for instance packet sniffers. Packet sniffers are a legitimate tool used to determine things such as whether your network is currently under attack, or whether all is quiet on the watchtower. Simultaneously such a tool could be installed on a rouge AP to sniff credit card numbers while simultaneously using things such as ssl strip. It is in fact legal to buy and purchase hack tools most often. Make sure you have a legit vendor.

Well, I do think my observations are related if you actually read post number 2 it justifies the assertations as being related to this topic. You don't suppose you just want your soap box? You wanna be king of the hill? Sensorship of opinions? Only the opinions you like?

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Actually you are contemplating why trump rose to power, and not applying the context to which he did rise to power, he was versing a democrat who had an email scandal pending. Speaking of "the look over there" tactic, I have seen it plenty of times from hillary when she foraged a dossier on trump and fed it to the intel community. I believe that your original statements concerning trump are baseless, due to the fact that there are other factors, outlined in my post.

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Well, at least trump does not use home made email servers for top secret documents. Anybody else would be thrown in jail for that. There is a slew of regulations about that. So at least he is not making insecure email servers for every wannabe hacker and foreign intelligence agency to mine for secrets on the internals of our agencies. You all are in IT, you should know the requirements for true security, and I bet some of you have actually met IT defense contractors. There is a lot of time and effort involved in keeping top level communication secure in a very technical way. The only reason Hillary was not thrown in jail was that she had fame, and none of the agencies would procecute the next proabable president. The fix was in. I chuckle to myself every so often that some of the other news agencies over printed articles and magazenes by the millions with hillary's winning articles, only to discover the next day that trump had in fact won.

You opened up this holy war, now here's both barrels.

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I noticed this too. I also noticed that some people think it's just straignt C, which is incorrect, due to the implementation of the common language runtime, JIT compiler, and MISTLE code. It is a high level language like Java, in fact java has copied some C# functionality recently, the streams api which is based on linq. Most of my coding is in C#.

At the very least you will need to research the technologies you will be utilizing for locational data. For sql server this will be the spatial functionality, for postgre sql you would use postgis, or perhaps something else, I have only heard about postgis, there could be other technologies. Oracle db also has some spatial stuff. If you have an ORM, (not likely since this is PHP) you will need to learn the techniques to interact with locational data. I believe bing maps has something to do with displaying your locational data for sql server. Postgre sql from what I understand is an open source database. I am currently reading "Pro Spatial with SQL Server 2012" by apress. I will probably have to learn about NHibernate Spatial since NHibernate is part of my keychain, but not yours (C# for me PHP for you). I would read a spatial book before endeavouring to do what you want to do.

Shout boxes are interesting, they basically just display all user input that is submitted via button to the web page. I believe some of them use session state on the server to use only a limited number of posts, removing the oldest n from a circular buffer. Alternatively you could create a special user object for your blog, which utilizes IP address and user name submission in order to have more persistent posting. The posts then get persisted to the database post table.

Bootstrap is always a good idea. It makes your pages portable device friendly with very little effort. Some people use it in lieu of learning the portable device application technologies like IOS objective C, and android Java. It can be used to make an 'app' which can be viewed everywhere. Your columns have 12 slots available. One thing that I found a really good solution to is toggleing between promotional items, department items, and search items. I essentially have some really interesting method overloading, which handles my pagination, and searches/retrieves via the department and category ids and the search string. If certain things are null my repository knows which overloaded method to call. It is very sophisticated. On the main page one may use the pagination variables, an object as the model. That would be the main page. Retrieves product objects.

So, let me get this straight, your users, all of them on the other side of a web screen has their own database login? This seems kinda contrary to some of the technologies out there, windows forms, forms based authentication, identity framework, etc. This is a web login application. I am essentially making my own login screen via hash algorithims and I have an object relationally mapped user object with both roles and groups objects. I made an authentication attribute which I use to flag controllers, and I made a password complexity object for determining whether the user's password is strong enough. I also salted the passwords of all users in accordance to my web config file so that the hash password won't match any rainbow or brute force tables as per good crypto technique. I have heard of straight windows authentication which uses windows accounts, I have heard of identity framework for microsoft applications, and I have heard of forms based authentication where you create your own login page from scratch. Usually I believe that the application has a database login, and the users have a seperate login but I could be mistaken. Can you point me to some material for your method?

The sql server does have a table with the user's object inside it. It's just the user is already authenticated once they pass through my page, so the other applications need to know that the user has been authenticated, hence session state. Idk is there something i am missing?

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I started working on a windows forms authentication project, which uses nhibernate, and has some management pages for managing user settings, such as resetting user password. This forms based authentication uses session state in order to save the user's authentication information. I will be using a special authentication attribute in order to determine whether the user has access to the application. Since the authentication method is it's own mosaic of object relational mapping code, attributes, repositories, and asp.net mvc pages, I was thinking I could run this application as it's own project on a web server, and I could use this authentication scheme for authenticating multiple applications. The only way to do this would be to save session state to the database instance and share it with the other applications. Does this sound like a correct solution? Or is there something more sophisticated I should be looking into?

Code is not really required at this point, it's just the question as to whether sharing sesssion state with other applications is the correct move, or whether I should be looking into something more sophsticated.

Additionally do other databases support session state sharing for asp.net mvc?

This is a C# asp.net mvc application. I am using nhibernate, and I have looked at some java applications. The Java way seems to be to store authentication info as a session variable, unlike entity framework/Identity framework which has some sort of cookie/Ticket setup. I don't really think there is a way to inject into the ...

JSON is a markup language, like XML, but vastly different in appearance. It is meant to be read into an object where you can actually use and manipulate the data. Javascript as a convenient method for turning it into a javascript object JSON.parse(jsonObj);. Bear in mind that the actual case of the command is necessary. JSON can be sent to the client, or sent to the backend. It is a serialization format. In fact it is just one representation of the data, where the backend could be relational and could represent the data equally as well with an ORM(not necesary for you). Or the backend could simply store JSON using a specialized database (mongo db). Storing the actual markup as a clob is a bit wierd, but I suppose it has probably been done before.

The object would be a direct represenation of your json with the fields as its own fields or properties, and the database table would persist these fields or properties. Backend languages require other libraries to parse json. I believe PHP uses json_decode.

Right, you could have your class that is pulled from the table implementing a calculated method based on that date diff (a getter). I use object relational mappers. If you need to query such values you use sql functionality to calculate that date diff.

I'll have to try that one. Ignorance is the answer.

We probably don't even need to create a super AI, we just need clever software which applies heuristics and AI type functionality to our domain specific problems which appers to have an inspired response to problems, but in fact is operating well within the bounds of our intended software architecture. Combine this with the fact that we can't make a comptuer light enough and with the same processor speed as the human brain, and the energy pumped in is immense compared with our own brains. The only way we come close would be a client server architecture as far as robots go. Furthermore person size robotics is actually weaker pound for pound than muscle density. Hollywood has created a farse as far as terminators go, you cannot create a robot arm which is as strong as a hydrolic press like in the terminator movies (yet). I remember taking a robotics class, we used those lego NXT, we were always running into memory out of range problems. They were just lego bricks, but even when you consider the more hard core robotics available things are still not where they need to be. Myomer anybody?

Perhaps the key to AI is actually for the Genetisists to crack DNA and create a species which can have it's memory re-programmed. I don't even know if that's possible, it would probalby reqire something different than a neuron, since those aren't easily re-programmable.

All e-commerce sites require SSL, otherwise people can skim your user's credentials as well as their Credit card numbers. Essentially they craft a regex that matches the credit card number that is applied to a certain page which is returned to the server. The man in the middle acquires the card info, and stores it for later usage and or sale on the dark web. From what I understand you buy the SSL cert from a Certificate Authority, and your admin should plug in the certificate to your IIS server somehow. Have been looking for a good demonstration of this, as I will probably be plugging in my own test cert for my testing on my local VM box.

I have like a $900 one because I need to run virtual machines on it for my servers. It was a gaming one. Has a glut of RAM, and supports Hyperthreading, which from what I understand is very good. Hyperthreading essentially has one CPU but it timeshares the CPU among multiple threads. Inspiron 17 Dell 5000 Series, 17.3" display, webcam, etc. Intel Core i7 8th gen processor Radeon Graphics. It's worth thinking about the number of applications you will be runing on the laptop. I found I could not survive without multiple virtual machines, visual studio, sql developer, oracle XE, and a SQL Server VM which runs a new IIS version. Obviously outside of your price range, but it seems to run virutal machines like there's hardly a drop in the bucket. I got SQL Server Developer edition, which is the cheaper version of SQL Server RDBMS which can get you your persistance needs for testing purposes. Additionally I will eventually be deploying to an IIS Virtual machine which will be running concurrently on the laptop. Windows 10 OS due to the fact that nobody makes anything less, eh it's ok. Visual studio is like a year removed from current, but I'm not made of money.

A regular expression or reflection may work.

Actually, you could probably cache or write to a table as far as banning by static ip address. If you get a threshold for repeated spamming ip addresses you can just ban that one.

Jeese. That's a lot of spam. Why don't you just ban the members who are spamming? Have a domain event for the admins which says flag for spamming. Then the powers that be review the flags, and can the members who did it. What's the turnaround time for creating a new email account to spam from? Button should appear on every post for the forum wranglers. Meanwhile you gain a slowly increasing table with banned email addresses. Also log the IP addresses of the user's last known email address. Add this ip address to the domain object. Block both by IP address and by email credential. I think some other companies have also been mapping TOR exit nodes (Wickipedia did it). Somebody should seriously create a plugin for monitoring it. I think I would implement an IHttpModule. It is also possible to determine via ip address whether a person is using a public server to do it via a whois query. This would reveal abuse email addresses you could automatedly send email.

        /// <summary>
        /// Get the IP address of the remote client. 
        /// </summary>
        /// <returns></returns>
        public static String GetIp() {
            String ip =

            if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(ip)) {
                ip = HttpContext.Current.Request.ServerVariables["REMOTE_ADDR"];

            return ip;
        }//end method
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This is surprisingly difficult. Consider it a snippet. Deletes all tables from a sql server schema. Useful for those times on your dev machine where you need to tear down all the cruft that has built up on your server due to refactoring of object relationally mapped tables.

--Author: Cameron Block

    select referenced_object_id "REF_ID", T.name "TABLE", S.name "SCHEMA"
    from sys.foreign_keys FK
    JOIN SYS.TABLES T ON T.object_id = FK.referenced_object_id
    JOIN sys.schemas s
        ON t.[schema_id] = s.[schema_id]
        ON i.TABLE_NAME = t.name
        AND i.TABLE_SCHEMA = s.name
    WHERE s.name = @SCHEMA
    GROUP BY referenced_object_id, T.name, S.name;

        select referenced_object_id "REF_ID", T.name "TABLE", S.name "SCHEMA"
        from sys.foreign_keys FK
        JOIN SYS.TABLES T ON T.object_id = FK.referenced_object_id
        JOIN sys.schemas s
            ON t.[schema_id] = s.[schema_id]
            ON i.TABLE_NAME = t.name
            AND i.TABLE_SCHEMA = s.name
        WHERE s.name = @SCHEMA
        GROUP BY referenced_object_id, T.name, S.name
        SELECT T.object_id "REF_ID", T.NAME "TABLE", S.name "SCHEMA"
        FROM   sys.tables t
        JOIN sys.schemas s
            ON t.[schema_id] = s.[schema_id]
            ON i.TABLE_NAME = t.name
            AND i.TABLE_SCHEMA = s.name
        left join sys.foreign_key_columns as fc
            on t.object_id = fc.constraint_object_id
        left join sys.foreign_keys as f
            on f.object_id = fc.constraint_object_id
        WHERE  t.type = 'U' 
            AND i.TABLE_TYPE = 'BASE TABLE'
            AND s.name = @SCHEMA

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One of the pain points I have had with danni web is that there is not a very good turn around time with this site as compared to stack overflow, perhaps your main competition. This is problably not addressable, because your clientelle is smaller for the time being. Some of your admins are also a little bit rude, but I can see that they have had their hands full with students wanting you to do their homework for them. I actually saw this site get steadily worse after I shared the site with some college students at my college. Sorry. The way my interests are moving is more twoard Angular JS, JQuery, C#, ASP.NET MVC (not vanilla ASP tags), and the sql associated with oracle and Sql Server. Frequently people don't even know how to answer my questions. I think the economy of scale Stack Overflow has over you is your main problem. Think about it, more people means they have more heads cracking on peoples questions, more admins, and more vollunteers. I also admit that everybody these days has a schmorgusboard of new technologies coming out, which to an outsider is going to make our tech base appear all over the place. The high end of the scale as far as programming goes however is going to be the dependency injection tip of the spear, and associated Domain Driven Design, Object Oriented Development (object relational mappers), and good design patterns. As clientelle goes up, your pool of skilled workers ...