Google adsense program can be your solution under all circumstances...this is the easiest way of getting some quick income.

There is a big difference between unemployed and those who are actually employable. Every graduate you come across might not be employable and you have to spend a lot of time on the training of the employee. Thus, it becomes essential to know about your workforce before you choose to employ the person.

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You might be having some outdated drivers or your drivers might have crashed.

Yes, reinstalling the hard drive will help.

I think this type of list is surely going to be very useful for new SEO exoerts like me, who looks forward to knowing the easiest way of tackling seo related issues.

Just start off first..experience is what counts and how much you actually know your job and how you deliver. If you have the skills, then there will not be dearth of opportunities for you.

PPC optimization needs to be done carefully or you might lose some of your hard earned money and waste time also.

If you are looking for targeted traffic to your website, you need to focus on your content, site navigation ( should be easy), links inserted, keywords optimized and SEO promotions done conveniently.

Regular work..
Good Quality SEO
No spamming
Slow and steady

It is not surprising to read the data on facebook...and don't be surprised too, if you find that stats rising, especially those related to facebook.

Does 'credits' for a any such news item taken or snippet used also mean a copyright infringement? I guess, news portals or even photographs should be published very carefully after considering the various factors.

Facebook was always been fun..don't know how people are going to react to this new application. For some people, it is surely going to be a relief and for some curious people, it might be a stumbling block from peeping into others lives.

I always use the Google toolbar. This is very easy to use and is known to provide you accurate results. In case, you are completely new in SEO and do not have much of knowledge, it is best to use the Google adwords keyword tool for all your search options.

I believe continuous optimization is the key..keep optimizing your website on a regular basis. Forum posting, article submissions, directory submission is the key to the best SEO tactics.

You just need to hire a reputed SEO company which shall solve most of your problems. They will carry out a site analysis and offer you solutions which shall help your business to get more traffic.

You need to first plan out your marketing strategy. The next step is to plan an optimization strategy for your website. When you optimize your website, you will get targeted traffic, which means automatic sales. However, ensure that you have a user friendly navigable store or else if your users are left searching for different products when they visit your website, you will be at a complete loss and all your marketing efforts shall be in vain.