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I'm back after two long months of break from this site:)

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If you like a simplified and easy to use browser, chrome would be the choice ( as I learnt recently ). If you like to customize your browser and many fancy features Opera or Firefox would be good.

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What do you mean by "a weird HDD scrawling at startup "? After you boot up and log in, go to spotlight and search for disk utility. Select Macintosh HD on the left and click on verify disk. You might also want to install Onyx to clear your cache and other useless items.

I need to know some of your specs

1) How old is your mac and what is your current version?
2) What is your ram?

Important Notes: Clearing the PRAM does not always help and could even harm your mac. Slow startup could be a sign that your hard disk is going to crash or fail soon.

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Some parts in the old router might be failing thus causing the problem. Glad that your problem is solved:)

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Your hard disk has crash, you need to get a new hard disk. Try sending it to a local repair shop and have some expert to closely look at it.

Do this steps

1) On your mac and insert the Mac OSX Installation Disk into your mac mini
2) Restart your mac and hold down the option key as it boot up again
3) Select the disk and choose your language.
4) When you enter, remember do not reinstall snow leopard at the top of the screen there will be a utilites bar something like that.
5) Go and search for disk utility and use it to repair your hard disk. After you are done, restart your mac but this time boot up from the internal hard disk.

See whether that works, if that fails most likely you need to get a new hard disk for your mac. Send your mac to an authorized apple store and get the technician there to help you fix.

Welcome to daniweb, Anthony. Hope you enjoy your stay here:)

Plug in when you want to backup your data to that hard drive using Time Machine, if not in use just plug it out. There are no pros but the cons is that your hard drive may get corrupted easily.

Have you found a cure cause I have run out of ideas. Does other user account ( if you have one ) on your mac face the same problem as you?

Instead of hiding your dashbard in login items in system preference, delete it instead. It won't harm the dashboard app. Your dashboard may start slow due to a lot of widgets in it, low ram or less hard disk space left. Try downloading onyx and run it. Restart your mac and see whether your dashboard takes long to start up.

By the way how do you start up your dashboard? Pressing F4 or clicking on the applications?

For Audio you can take a look at[URL="http://audacity.sourceforge.net/"] Audacity[/URL] and for movie is Windows Movie Maker.

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Er, macmad who are you referring to? The poster than post that useless post 5 days ago makes no sense to reply him/her. Not counting that, the last post is in 2003.

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Find a spare ram stick that try it out to test whether your theory is right.

Hi Danarchy,

See whether does [URL="

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Why not create a thread on movie reviews. After watching the latet movies, we can post some reviews about them so other members can have a look and decide whether they want to watch the movie.

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It also depends on the brand of the laptop. I suggest that an i5 processor will be good enough. Unless you are doing what flagstar said above. 4GB ram and 500 GB hard drive will do and 1 GB graphics. Good luck

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Turn on your computer and insert the disc and after that shut it down. Next turn on your computer again and follow the onscreen instrcutions. How about my rest of the advise?


Try Flagstar advice first before using mine. If flagstar solution helps you can forget about the my method. Good luck:)

Use the power cord instead of the battery, have the battery removed and see whether your laptop works with only the power cord. Can you charge your battery. If no, battery is faulty and need to replaced soon. How old is your battery?

Glad that help. See you next time:)

Well seems this game have died down. See you guys next time, i think it is time i retire from this game too but will continue to monitor it. Do keep in touch with each other:)

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You are right about the Motherboard being from an E-Machine. If you have spare HDD, put in some data into it ( Not important ) and try it with the Imperial motherboard. Use the emachine cd and try reinstalling the HDD and see if that works.

I care and so does other Apple users around the world and members in this forum.

Try reading this. Maybe this will help you understand more. I have never come across this problem so i could not offer much help


Well for those who are leaving this game, just to say nice meeting you guys and playing such an awesome game with you. Hope we meet again sometime in daniweb.I am will always be in this game and in other forums in daniweb.

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I need you to reply immediately regardless whether you solved your problem or not.

For old version of yahoo mail,

there will be a box that says attach at the top left hand corner when you create a new mail

For the new version that just came out
There will be a box that says attachment with a paperclip sign

Open you eyes big and look for it!

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@ Paat, Flagstar and Pro2000

Actually before you guys came to this game, Team B and A have already won a few time.

The score should be before this win

Team A - 7
Team B - 2

Now it is

Team A - 7
Team B - 3

There are a lot of great players in this game before. See below


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Try this link. That should be able to help you. Good luck