It's [B]all[/B] [B]about[/B] Booleans.

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Welcome Jamaun to the daniweb community.

Welcome Jamaun to the daniweb community.

Well I guess records will always be records, Jose Mourinho versus Harry Redknapp, Mourinho has always won their match-ups, but i really thought this will be different, well i guess history is bound to repeat itself.

Nothing now.

yes we'll love to know.

I'll do just that.

Come on tell us what you do.

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Come we need to know what you do.

Off course we will.

Welcome to daniweb.

Welcome to daniweb, hmm, well i really want to learn that, you should see my threads.

Hi MikeKoenigs welcome to daniweb, why don't you introduce yourself in the community introductions forum and tell us what you do.

Welcome to daniweb.

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We are all great, an you?, Well you can post in the community introduction forum to tell us about yourself and to tell us what you do.

Wow great one jonlucas.

Thanks guys please let the ideas keep coming, we are going places.