[B]All[/B] of this sentence is [B]seven[/B] words.

The shortest distance between a challenge and a solution, is the distance between your knee and the ground. :)

Whatever you find in your hand to do, do it well.

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This is good, it will really reduce the number of input() functions i use in my programs.

Whenever you fall don't just get up and move forward, look back and see what caused you to fall.

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If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.

Speed is good but accuracy is key.

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I think this is good. jingda.

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Life is a process and not an event, If you try to skip some things you might as well be missing them forever.

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Off course you can jingda that's the idea of daniweb.

Well if you have just started python, you're in the right place because daniweb has a lot of python treads, well there is a saying that you learn programming by programming so it might look like you are just coping codes but if you put your mind to it you will really get it, i also started like a month back now, in the beginning it seemed that way also but as time went on by challenging my self with the exercises and letting my brain think, i started to get the hang of it. Just look out for a program you can write, and write it even if it's not really efficient then you can paste in the code snippets, people will comment on it , and tell you where to improve on, an the programming moves to the next level,
Hope I've been able to help you.
Don't forget to mark the thread as solved when you are satisfied, so that those involved will know they have been of help.

Maybe because it's just meant to be so, there is always a big gap between what you can do, and what the next person can do, it's like that in the real world, so it might seem like education and practical are so wide apart but almost every other thing is from one the other.
But the truth is that most educationist never really get the chance to face real life problems, except those that have companies or are into research, it's like they do the same thing over and over so there is really no challenge of sort. That's why fresh graduates need a lot of training to adapt them to the business world.

I think the decision for which software you want to make for your final year project depends on the field you have decided to specialize in, But ultimately what you need is a time when you will go to a secluded place where you can think and then you start to think of a problem you have seen in that field of yours and you really want to solve, i believe it's in you. Try it and let me know the result.

What really is the cause of the excitement, i don't really understand, shed more light please.

Try starting windows in safe mode, to do that press F8 when after the computer show the BIOs it will show the advanced options for starting windows then go to either safe mode, or last known good configuration that worked.
Let me know how it's going.

I think you can use a while loop to repeat a particlar thing, all you have to do is to set conditions for it, example[CODE]while a!=True:

execuable statements here
what you what it to do after it has finished looping[/CODE]

In python there is no goto all there is are two types of loops which are used to achieve whatever thing you need.

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Please I downloaded the latest version of python QT but I've been unable to use because i don't know how, help from the experts in the house.

Thanks in advance

you can use notepad++ to run python programs all you have to do is to download the python script that make python programs run in notepad++ from the internet, try getting it at [URL="http://sourceforge.net"]http://sourceforge.net[/URL]

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