No ideas? I am on abit of a tight schedule here and would really appreciate any help

Try reinstalling Windows 7
If you get a blue screen on trying to install it then check the Ram sticks as one of them may be faulty
Take one stick out and turn the system on. If the same thing happens put the stick back in and take the other one out.
If it works and the operating system loads correctly, the faulty ramstick has been found.

I am making a wordpress plugin but I am having difficulty accessing the results from an array in a function

Radio Box:
<!-- First radio button -->
<label><input name="posk_options[radio_group_two]" type="radio" value="satellite" <?php checked('satellite', $options['RADIO_GROUP']); ?> /> Satellite</label><br />

                    <!-- Second radio button -->
                    <label><input name="posk_options[radio_group_two]" type="radio" value="hybrid" <?php checked('hybrid', $options['RADIO_GROUP']); ?> /> Hybrid</label><br />


[CODE]function MY_function ($atts, $content = null) {
), $atts));
$src = "...ptype=".$RADIO_GROUP."";
return '...';

Ive edited out some of the needless code and just put ... there.
The code above does not work. I am trying to get the result from the radio box to insert further down in the function but I cannot access it. The radio box is selected from an options page and saves succesfully.
So I want $RADIO_GROUP to read satellite or hybrid.
What can I do to read the result from the array and insert it in a different function?
Thanks in advance

I posted previously trying to find out how to get my data that is stored in a database, but then Ive thought what if i just use arrays?
I have some code here on my Wordpress Plugin Options page which allows a user to enter a value and save it. How Can I save the value as an array so that I can call on it later?

<h2>My Plugin Options</h2>

Define Height of Box
<input type="textbox" name="n1">

<input type="submit" value="<?php _e('Save Changes') ?>" />


Thanks alot..
But I have messed something up and the Database I thought was created isnt actually there.
I used the code
/ Runs when plugin is activated /

function hello_world_install() {
/ Creates new database field /
add_option("hello_world_data", 'Default', '', 'yes');

Mine just isnt called hello world. Am I supposed to use this code as it is? Or am I supposed to remove the first section?

ahh ok. Is there anyway that I can do this with a very short amount of code? Because I will be calling many variables from the database.
Thank you

But The settings for the height are to be done by an admin as they are settings for a plugins size. Cookies an sessions are for users only right?

Thanks for your reply.

Wordpress stores the value in a database. I have a database field in the coding too. So if I put in a value and save it. I can come back the the page later and the value will still be there. It doesnt use cookies.
Are variables in functions global by default or do I have to set them that way?

I am a total noob at php and I am creating a basic wordpress plugin for a site.
I have a function

[CODE]function My_Function_2() {

Then I have an input inside a div coming from an options page:
[CODE]<form method="post" action="options.php">
<?php wp_nonce_field('update-options'); ?>
Define Box height
<table width="350">
<tr valign="top">
<th width="200" scope="row">Enter Box Height</th>
<td width="50">
<input name="Box_height" type="text" id="Box_height"
value="<?php echo get_option('Box_height'); ?>" />
(ex. 400)</td>
But when I try to $box_height to use in a url later on, it doesnt work.
If I set box_height to a value using an array it works. So I think I need to make the input variable into a Global Variable somehow?
Sorry if I havent made this very clear, im not very well experienced