If your goal is to just create one site then your going to be better off using one of the many online website setup functions than to go out and purchase Dreamweaver. If your looking to learn web design just for the heck of it then what you want is a good HTML editor. There are a number of them out there and many of them are free or free to try. I like CoffeeCup only because it's cheap and function pretty well. But there are many other choices. If you really want to learn web design stay away from most of your WYSIWYG editors out there because they don't teach you anything about web design. As a matter of fact most of them add tons of excess garbage that can actually slow down how fast a page loads. A good webpage can be very dynamic and still load before the user gets tired of waiting and goes on to another page. So your path really depends on your goal. (You will have a hard time getting directions if you can;t tell people where you are going right?)

[QUOTE=padfoot1999;1525672]It was working fine plugged it in my laptop copied a file and then plugged it in my pc did not come up in my computer[/QUOTE]

Does it show up on your laptop? If not then your drive may have been damaged. Did you safely remove hardware before disconnecting it from your laptop the last time? If you didn;t there is a good chance the drive is now crashed. There are a number of utilities that might be able to get your drive back but you need to get access to the USB port your drive is connecting to.If there is a driver for your drive that may have been corrupted check that otherwise go to the website for your drives manufacture and see if there is a software driver install utility that might help you out.

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Actually caperjack that is not necessarily true. Many times you can buy a used laptop from a consignment shop or from a pawnshop where you have no contact from the original owner. Just for your info.

[QUOTE=sigehluz;1457688]Hi there I just bought a new Samsung printer model no. CLX-3180 series. It is a multifunction color laser printer. The disc that Samsung issued me with for installation is not working. I have attempted to install it by doing what it says:

  1. I set up the printer and connected the printer to the wireless router via ethernet cable.
  2. I searched using wireless setup option on the disk for the computer on the network. It reported back that it could not find it so I was unable to install it wirelessly as it says it is not connected to the LAN network, which it is.
  3. I then plugged it in via USB and attempted to install it via the disc. This did not work so I tried to do it through windows. This worked and I was able to print from the desktop through the USB.

This is all good and well but we have 3 other computers on the network and they can't print!!!

Any help would be much appreciated :)

We have a netgear wireless router by the way we 4 ethernet ports and attempting to install on Vista. (There is another Vista computer and 2 Macs on the network)[/QUOTE]

If you go to the samsung site you can download the network printer manual which should get you all the information you need to get your printer functioning as a stand alone printer that would be available to all the computers in your network.

Your best bet is to try to get into the BIOS setup screen and see if you can remove the password from there. If the BIOS setup is also password protected then your only real option is to try removing the CMOS battery and see if that will default the BIOS and let you back into the BIOS to make changes. All of this is going under the assumption you are talking about the Boot password and not the Operating System password of course. It wasn't entirely clear in your post. But hope this helps.

Well your .img file is intended to be burned to a DVD/CD by any of many free and purchased software out there. I am aware of one such program called MagicISO which cost around $30.00 from their website. There is a trieal version but not sure what the limitations are. I am sure there are many others out there you can look for. Probably a few freeware apps that will do what you need.

Most schools use metadata blocks rather than IP addy blocks since IP address blocks are too difficult to maintain. ou might try adding some tags to the metadata of your site by adding the words education or the schools name to the metadate of your site and see if that helps. But that is just a quick suggestion off the top of my head at the moment. Good luck.

If you really want to learn how to build websites then in addition to [url]www.w3schools.com[/url] You might take a look at CoffeeCup softwares HTML editor. It gives you the ability to see the reults of your code in it's own preview panel and givers you many convenient tools for the biginner web designer. If your just interested in bui8lding the one website I recommend implimenting a CMS like Mambo or Joombla either lets you use a template of your choice from many free templates out on the net and update your website quite easily. Mambo takes some getting used to but once you learn how to manipulate the components it is easy to maintain a website without major recoding. Hope this helps.

What is the result of regular methods uninstall? And what are you implying by "regular methods" If you are referring to trying to uninstall it from the windows Control Panel Programs and Features list then is the wampserver software listed in this list? Also it would help to know what the result is if you try doing a uninstall if it is listed. I might also ask how you know the 64bit wampserver is installed if it's not connecting? Can you locate the folder the wampserver is installed in? If so there should be an uninstall app in that folder that should still work. Let me know if this helps?