Thanks to all Daniweb Community for solving my issue (especially @urtrivedi, @pzuurveen, @broj1 ) for supporting to solve the issue.

Actually I was getting this error because $_GET['movie_id'] is blank/Not getting proper values.

Thanks Once Again.

Hello All,

I am getting error "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1" on running my php script.

My SQL Syntex is:

$query = "SELECT (movie_name,movie_year,movie_director,movie_leadactor,movie_type,movie_running_time,movie_cost,movie_takings) FROM movie WHERE movie_id= " . $_GET['movie_id'];

$result = mysql_query($query, $db) or die(mysql_error($db));

I have searched a lot on web, but didn't get any descriptive answer. Why It was happening, what shortcommings are in my code.

Please provide a simple solution, that is easy to understand. Thanks in Advance.

Hi @Dani,

Thanks for providing us such a lovely forum. I personally feel/think that forums has its own values.

Personally I had got help from many of Dani members, In the same way I also helped many of the Dani members to solve their problems.

I think that forums like Daniweb has its own value that can't be shared by any other social networking sites.

Hope that you will got my views.

by selecting and clicking view source and you will find that particular link is dofollow or nofollow.

hope this helps


you can do that by joining and posting your thoughts on same thematic groups in facebook, join groups, start polling, and if you want more than this you can create facebook paid ads.

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you should read good sets of books and after that practice. that is the only path to learn new things at good pace.

thnks for your reply

the problem is solved.

All you have to do is to install wp user avatar plugin

from here you can upload your profile photo to solve your issue.

Hope this helps
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come to the shoutbox may be i will help you.

If your post images are not displaying properly then pls check the images path on your live server. and then you will find the issue.

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that is because that has been on your local pc. Upload it in the images folder and address it by following wordpress code:

"<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>/image/image_name.jpg"

"<?php bloginfo('template_url'); ?>" it will address your current template using path.

for more info please find wordpress cheat sheet by searching on google.

Hope this will helps you.

Hello Everyone,

I want to integrate google flags with my website, which translate languages on click event on same page. How-ever I successfully integrated google translate with dropdown option but want to integrate google flag translations on my website.

Any type of help is appreciated.

Thanks In Advance.

Types of errors in php:
1.) Parse Error or Syntax Error,
2.) Fatal Error,
3.) Warning Error,
4.) Notice Error

You can use XAMPP, WAMP or MAMP, as per your need and on the basis of your operating system.

Hope that this helps.

ok no problem, @LastMitch thanks for your support(Guidance). I have to work manually on Google checkout plugin as i know earlier, but thinking that if i could get any useful guidance from tech person around the world to solve this matter.

There are two types of antenna exist by today. One is omni-directional and other one is bi-directional. Omni-directional antenna receives signal from all possible direction and bi-directional antenna's only accepts signal from two opposite direction, So confirm your need and then choose better one.

@LastMitch thanks for reply, I mean to say that how can we integrate google wallet for an eCommerce site without buying the paid plugin.

first of all a big thanks to you ( @LastMitch ) for your reply. As you have given a woothemes link, that was of paid plugin. And i have gone through it earlier. But is there any way to manually integrate google checkout for my store, without using any paid plugin.

Hello Everyone,

Recently I have made a e-commerce site by using woocommerce (Wordpress plugin). I want to know how to integrate google checkout in the project. I have successfully integrated google checkout for single product manually. But I want to enable google checkout for whole site product. Any type of useful suggestion, helpful link or video will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
Emily Johnson

Remove the extra question mark (?) that you have placed in your query string.

i.e code should be like


this is used to check whether userid variable is used or not, and whether it has some value or not.

You can get your required output through

function country()
echo "USA";
echo "i am going to [".$country."]";

Hope this helps you.

ok try this

function fun1($a=sumnum,$b)
    echo $b;

It will create some warning message, but solves your problem.
hope it helps.


Please post something more to understand. you have created primary key on gameID is not making any sense..

Dear mascot07,

Post your code first, so we can check where is the problem.

There is not any such guarantee, dynamic keyword insertion imporves your ad impression but lead generation or conversion totally depands on quality of your landing page and matter(content) you have used in landing page and if it is done with casually it may increase your ppc budget with lower conversion rate.

hope this helps.

Google does not update its pr daily. If you are building good quality of links. Then wait for some time you will definitely get the required results.

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you may insert 5% - 7% keywords of total 400 words in a page containing 400 words.

You can enable it from your google webmaster accounts in sitelinks section. there is one option regarding demoting your required links from there you can enable the required function for your website.

Hope this helps.

Like the relative theme based pages of your facebook page. Post knowledgeable content and comments on it, join likewise facebook groups and communities. Interact with peoples having same interest and try to solve their related issues and problems. It would increase your social interaction and ultimately increase your facebook likes.

Hope this helps.