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how to hide process in the taskmanager of windows 7 in vb.net?
How to hide any process in windows 7 using vb.net. If you have any solution then
please give me the links or urls related to such task.


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What is equivalent property of Window.document in vb.net?
Window.document it is the property in vb 6.0.What is equivalent property in vb.net?
in vb.net Web browser.document property is available,but I want Window.document equivalent property in vb.net.


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how to get the current windows explorer path in vb.net windows application?



i have create a simple chatting application with windows live messenger.I have give the

reference Messenger API Type Library 1.0.Then in form_load() event i have create the object of

that MessengerAPI type library, ie, in vb.net windows application.I have used visual studio

2008.I have both check windows xp service pack 2 or 3. but the same following errors are


Dim msn As MessengerAPI.Messenger = New MessengerAPI.Messenger()
then it generates following error.
OutOfMemoryException was unhandled
(Creating an instance of the COM component with CLSID {B69003B3-C55E-4B48-836C-BC5946FC3B28}

from the IClassFactory failed due to the following error: 8007000e.)
How to avoid that error.Please give me the solution about that error.Please give me the link on

I have tested in windows7,vista it works.I have installed visual studio 2008 on both windows7 &

vista.nthing problems are creating instance of messengerAPI.but in windows xp it is nothing




i have create simple chat application with windows live messenger.I have give reference of

MessengerAPI type Library.then it works.after creating a setup file with inno software

including interop.MessengerAPI.dll of chatting application(with windows live messenger).Install

that setup on anather machine then following errors are generates. ( Error HRESULT E_FAIL has

been returned from a call to a COM Component).How to avoid or remove this error.?The chatting

is not done in windows live messenger.I have give the anather reference ie,

Interop.MessengerAPI.dll but same errors will be generates.Interop.MessengerAPI.dll it is

supported in windows xp or not?
Give me
the suggestion,urls,links.


[QUOTE=danielgr;1595280]It sounds like the DLL is not being copied to the other PC. Make sure you tell Inno to copy the file to your program's folder on the target PC.

This line of Inno code will put the interop.MessengerAPI.dll from your installation directory into the target PC's directory for your program:
Source: interop.MessengerAPI.dll; DestDir: {app}[/QUOTE]

This code is already given in that inno setup file.I target pc it is present in that application directory but nothing works! because these errors are generated.

How to avoid this(Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a com component)?


how to create a setup file with inno software including interop.MessengerAPI.dll of any application.I have created a setup file with inno.but it is work in only my pc it is not work in anather pc after creating a setup file.In my application is chatting application.how it is work interop.MessengerAPI.dll in anather pc?



How to captures instant messages of msn live messenger.How to captures(keystrokes)form live conversion of msn in vb.net.how to create the txtfile of that capture keystrokes of that instant messeges og live messenger of MSN.



In windows form in button click event how to export the file in a location select by showdialog & it will be delete permanently at a same time.How can i do this!
because in .net it will produces error "IO Exception was unhandled" or "The process can not access the file because it is used by anather process." .In button click event how to export the file & delete at same time in vb.net windows application.Please give me the links & urls about that issue.


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In my project is also administrator purpose also.I have not found solution about how to remove application from taskmanager using vb.net windows application.In vb.net I have not found properties of application with respect of that issue.But in vb it have properties of app.taskvisible then it is possible in vb.Please help me to avoid that issue.

Imports System.Diagnostics

The there is a method called Process.GetProcesses() returns all the current processes in your computer which returns an array of processes.


Dim _proc = Process.GetProcessesByName("<Application Name which you want to kill>")

For i As Integer = 0 To _proc.Count - 1


Next i

I have try these code it removes the application & process in taskmanager.Its wrong because it destroys the application.My question is that only remove application name from taskmanager without destroying the application.Please help me to avoid that issue.