Hello folks,

Running into a little confusing thing over here. I am building this web page for press release: https://renardwatches.com/pages/pr-fw17

But as you can see, the 3rd paragraph somehow gets blocked by the image, and i have no idea why. I tried overflow, index, floating, etc but nothing changes.

Anyone who could clear this up?

Hi Ryan,

That works! Thank you!

Hi Sean, the text is already placed in a div with the class info.

Hello lads,

So i'm struggeling with the following. I want to get the text a little bit closer to the image, but since the image has whitespace itself and I don't want to redo them all, I opted for adding a negative margin to the text.

It seemed to work, but what happens is that the text appears behind the image. I have tried googeling this problem and I've added z-indexes to both elements but nothing has helped. This is probably due to the reasonably complex nature of this template, but maybe there is an easy fix, and I would love to know and learn!

Here is the website that I'm working on and a screenshot of the problem since I obviously can't have a live version of the bug.


Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21426520/Screen%20Shot%202016-02-08%20at%2015.03.03.png

Hope someone can help me out.


Dear Daniweb,

I just got the following HTML5 music player, which gets it's music from a list I provide in HTML like this:

<li class="xtitle">Follow Me Here B</li>
 <li class="xauthor">Author Name</li>
<li class="xsources_mp3">audio/adg3com_freeform.mp3</li>
<li class="xsources_ogg">audio/adg3com_freeform.ogg</li>
<li class="xtitle">This is Freeform C</li>
<li class="xauthor">Author Name</li>
<li class="xsources_mp3">audio/wm_follow_me.mp3</li>
<li class="xsources_ogg">audio/wm_follow_me.ogg</li>

I am looking for a way to get this list shuffled so the playlist doesnt always start with the same song. So far my knowledge (null) of javascript, but my guess is that i have to edit something at this part of the code.

 b.playlist_arr = [];
            c(".xaudioplaylist", d).children().each(function () {
                currentElement = c(this);
                b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1] = [];
                b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].title = "";
                b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].author = "";
                b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].thumb = "";
                b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].sources_mp3 = "";
                b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].sources_ogg = "";
                null != currentElement.find(".xtitle").html() && (b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].title = currentElement.find(".xtitle").html());
                null != currentElement.find(".xauthor").html() && (b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].author = currentElement.find(".xauthor").html());
                null != currentElement.find(".xthumb").html() && (b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].thumb = currentElement.find(".xthumb").html());
                null != currentElement.find(".xsources_mp3").html() && (b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].sources_mp3 = currentElement.find(".xsources_mp3").html());
                null != currentElement.find(".xsources_ogg").html() && (b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].sources_ogg = currentElement.find(".xsources_ogg").html());
                thumbsHolder_Thumb = c('<div class="thumbsHolder_ThumbOFF" rel="' + (b.total_images - 1) + '"><div class="padding">' + (a.showPlaylistNumber ? b.total_images + ". " : "") + b.playlist_arr[b.total_images - 1].title + "</div></div>");
                    top: (thumbsHolder_Thumb.height() + 1) * b.total_images + "px",
                    background: a.playlistRecordBgOffColor,
                    "border-bottom-color": a.playlistRecordBottomBorderOffColor,
                    color: a.playlistRecordTextOffColor
                1 === b.total_images && thumbsHolder_Thumb.css({
                    background: a.playlistRecordBgOnColor,
                    "border-bottom-color": a.playlistRecordBottomBorderOnColor,
                    color: a.playlistRecordTextOnColor

I would very much appreciate any help!


Thanks a lot! This helped

Hi guys,

The code works perfect on fiddle (check link below) but doesnt work properly when i upload the same code online. What have I done wrong?


How would I set this up? I imagine something like: Do not start this function untill all images are loaded. Is that something simple to do? And if so, how.

Already thanks a lot for your help :)

Hi Pixelsoul,

I don't like the fade in, I want it like the demo i gave, but when i upload it to my full website, it starts flickering white and takes a lot of time to load the image each flicker.

Would preloading be the solution?

Thanks for your answer, but how would I go about it with JSTween? I don't see any animations to flicker images.

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a fast and smooth flickering / blinking logo. With my limited knowledge on javascript i've come up with the following script that basically does the job, but the 'animation' isn't smooth at all. Does anyone have an idea how I could go at this easy?

Check this demo on how I approached it. It works perfect how I want it locally, so I guess I need a way to start the animation when all images are loaded and doesn't required to be loaded each time.

Thanks a lot for any help that might come my way!

Hi guys,

We have to make a simple (without ghosts or complex maze) pacman game in Actionscript for school. I haven't worked once with actionscript and am a real javascript noob so i need some help. If this sounds really simple to you. Please contact me, help me and you'll be rewarded (paypal).


Fixed it! It had an background color. Stupid i got troubled by this for over an hour :')

Hello guys,

I've been working with webdesign for like 6 years and never seen something like this. I can't get my PNG image to be transparant! I've exported it on several settings in Photoshop but nothing seems to work. Does anyone has any idea on solving this?




Ok thanks Airshow. If someone here think it's easy and likes to help me out explaining, please contact me. I'll be sure to give you a fee (paypal).

Yes, thank you. The Jquery slider is exactly what i'm looking for. The other one seems a little hard to modify.

Do you know how, or if it is possible, to make certain points in that slider that interact with content in a database trough AJAX? So when the slider is at a certain position (like between two points), it shows relevant content.

Hi there guys,

I'm very new to AJAX so i'm not sure if it's possible or there is already something like this available. But i'm looking for some kind of horizontal slider. Not an image slider with arrows or something like that. But more like a timeline which you can slide horizontal trough time. When you go past some kind of bullet (which is a specific year), the content above should change.

This should be done with AJAX. Does anyone know if this is possible, relatively easy and where should i look for?

Many thanks,