ok, I will do that.

an eeprom reader is a cable that you connect on to the motherboard and the com port of yur pc and you can read the eeprom. ( of cours with an programme)

reset router and modem, that workt for me.

hope this helps.


The game will not reinstall, Not Deinstall or repair.

I forgot to say Liveinfo beta3 by joshihiro ( something like that) doesn't regonize the hdd but the bios does.

Yes there's a shop but it repairs only the 360 not the oiginal

come on,

Does anyone know where you can buy a eeprom reader for the original xbox (not the 360)

I live in The Netherlands.
So if anyone knows where to buy one, tell me Please.

I had that too, go to the bios and look by power manegemant and disable all but not power button mode.

hope this helps

Hi everyone,

I have on original xbox v1.6 but the hard drive is broken , the program HDDRegenerator says the complete disk has bad sectors.

I have an new harddisk, but how can I read the eeprom without eeprom reader.
I have no materials for it, and I have no money for it.

I still go to school.

how can I unlock the broken harddisk to get the hdd info from liveinfo Beta 3 by joshihiro.

Gr Jeannot

PS: sorry if the english is bad/not good. I'm from the Netherlands

thanks for the reactions, with can you run it from systemrequirmentslab I get Recommended,

I wil check my AV.

I like windows 7, I Have Windows 7 ultimate for me it's the best windows ever made.

1, fast performance
2, it's stable
3, the look
4, it has many features

I don't know if this is working, try HDDregenerator it's windows based.

run this from another computer and make a boot disk/USB.
HDDregenerator looks for bad sectors on the harddisk and attempt repairs.
or you can look only where the bad sectors are.

gr jeannot

PS: I hope this wil work for you


I have a problem with GTA IV it runs very slow.

My specs are:

AMD Athlon II X4 645 @ 3.1 Ghz
AMD Radeon HD 5770 Flex edition from Sapphire
4 Gig of DDR2-800 Ram
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit

I run every game at max settings, only GTA IV runs on the lowest settings very slow.

Gr Jeannot

I changed comodo firewall settings and the pc boots fast, It's solved.

Thank you everyone.

In the log are lots of files with acces denied and buffer overflow error.

sorry for the late post have lots of homework.

thank you for the reaction, I've defraged the pc but no change.

I've do what you said Gerbil, but it doesn't work.

Hopefully, I will solve this with all of you.

defragging right now.

I have tryed everything clean reggstery with ccleaner and clean computer with ccleaner.

I did run a virus and spy/adware check with microsoft security essentials and found nothing.

the computer start fast but when the pc comes to the logon screen it stays for 2 minutes or more at : windows wordt gestart ( windows starting).

I did reset the bios back to original problem stil persists. ( logon )

but installations go faster now.

thanx for the reactions.

I will give it a try to reset the bios to original settings.

I forgot to say there's 3,5 gig of ram available

no I didn't had lag at w7, I have 4 gig of RAM


I have a computer that now runs windows xp. I had windows 7 ultimate X32 but I'm went back, because i had 4 till 5 BSOD every day on windows 7.

Now I'm a few weeks back to xp and the computer is very slow with the logon, he's slow with installs too.

My specs are:

Windows XP Home Edition X32

AMD Athlon 7750 Dual core overclocked 3.0 Ghz
Ati radeon Hd 5770 Flex
500W psu from Q-tec
my motherboard is an Asrock N68-S
1TB Harddrive and 1TB expansion drive from seagate.

If you need anything ask it.

PS: sorry if my English is bad, I'm from The Netherlands and I'm 14 so