You should never put other's link on your site if you are not sure about that link because that link might be of a penalized website . I think your site is also penalized . Google never likes link exchange strategy.

Article should be unique and in correct language. google panda can scan your site for duplicate content so try to creat unique articles.

Try to choose non competing keywords. Before choosing a keyword check its popularity on Google Insights and also check for related keywords. Then through google trends check how many people use that keywords. Take help from google adwords also. You will get best non competing keywords for your website.

using BODMAS we get 6+(2x10) = 26 previously i thought 6+2x10= 80

I don't think that there are any high PR blogs with auto approve. They will approve manually . You can try with a good comment which can increase their site vale then they might accept your comment . Also you can try guest blogging on high PR blogs. Its a good way to get quality backlinks. There are many high PR forums also search them on google .

welcome to this great forum community.

There is no short cut to get more visitors to your website all you need to do is hard work. You should spend time on reviewing the site by yourself . You can do these things by yourself or hire some SEO to do this for you. I will suggest you the following points.

  1. Your site should not contain any copied materials.
  2. Your site should contain proper keywords and meta tags.
  3. Your site should have quality backlinks from different extensions of the domain not just form .com but form .org , .info , .biz etc.
  4. Your site should be listed in major directories like demoz and yahoo directory .
  5. Your site should be submited to all the search engines of this planet.
  6. Your site must not have any broken links.
  7. Your site should have robot.txt file .
  8. Your site must contain site map as it helps to major search engines to crawl your webpages easily.
    And rest of the things depends on your luck and the way or your advertisement. Also your site must be user friendly so that same visitors visits again and again. Thanks

google panda has been designed to check the quality of your website. It looks for quality content. Your site must not contain any copied material else goolge panda will eat up your website traffic slowly. Site ranking will come down. When your site ranking will come down you can not request for reconsideration request because it is not a site specilfic penality but it affects a large number of sites with an algorithmic change. I don't think google panda will help us but it will put us in big trouble if we do not do something for our site.

Try to make backlinks from high page rank site. This will improve your page rank. Get backlinks from different extensions of domain not just from .com . Try to get from .org , .info , .biz . If possible .gov

Its a improvement to google’s search algorithm which helps google to fight content robbers and spammers. Remember google caffeine? This update is similar to caffeine update but it might not impact to most of users same like caffeine did .

If you are a webmaster and if you copy other peoples content and publish it on your web site beware google panda will be a major impact to you because Google mainly deployed this new algorithm to prevent content farmers a butt kick

It requires hard work and patience. You can increase visitors to your website through

  1. advertisement
  2. Go for news paper ads
  3. publish posters
  4. write articles
  5. Tv ads
  6. link submission
  7. sell t-shirts,bags with your domain name published on it.
    If you are looking for free way to bring people to your site , then you need to make better backlinks, write press-release , make use of social networking sites.

So that is something one should focus on if they are interested in increasing the rankings and traffic of their site. Many sites who offer submission service, claim to submit your link in more than 75000 directories (mind you, few even claim the figure to be around 7,00,000!). But one should remember that submitting a link and getting it listed in the directory is not the same thing. It is like an auction, you don’t win merely by bidding. Others will just bid for you

I am from india . Here weather is cool, its a time of monsoon, Just chilling ..

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you can search on google for "check page rank " and you will get your site also you can use site like seocentro . com

link popularity will always be the main key for ranking a website. Its not the quantity but the quality of backlinks will determine the search engine ranking. Back links should be from differet sites with differed domain exentions like .org .info .biz and many other not just .com
Slow Backlink building will determine higher ranking . Search engine will try to know that your back links are made by humans not by automatic program.
there are many more factors.

I think making blog is not going to help you, But if you can make a good blog with interesting post then it can became popular. But again you will have to labour hard for making backlinks for your blog . So its better to make back links for your website directly. Use some press releases, advertisement etc.

Article submission is a great way but you need to do a hard work. Submit your article to high PR article directory.

google + looks better . Lets see what will happen. It's telling that this is just a begining.

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I think people are taking interest in reading emails due to spam. Now-a-days every website tries to send maximum emails and spam. Some of my email Id are filled with 20000 mails. I have nerver read them.

I think there is no relation with social networking. E-mail will always be used for business purpose.

I don't think so. Only the popularity of your website affects search engine ranking. Popularity in the form of backlinks.

welcome dude ! well doing what about you

you are right, but i think you are facebook addict. I my self dont get time to log on facebook, but i am more interested in other things than facebook . That is why facebook never affects my life.

I have used social bookmarking but i did not get any backlink ? I think it was stumble upon

i think all directory submission is not free. they want one reciprocal link. what to do ?

can you name some sites which offer back links by paying them money ?

your site might be new. so get some back links.

And if you want to put your websites on search engines ,you can use
www submitexpress com .Its free .Submit only if you have not submited yet.

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[QUOTE=ellenwillss;1596785]Hi Everybody…
Some of my friends added Google +1 button into their website and they suggest me too, should i add Google +1 button into website or not. Because i sow many blogs they have +1 button but did see any website that has +1. Please share your views.[/QUOTE]

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