I am on dual Boot pc with Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP SP3.

Hardware Specs: HDD 250GB, RAM 2GB, AMD Athlon X2

How to upgrade Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) to ubuntu-12.10-beta2-desktop-i386?

Currently i'm working on my own php-mysql with zend website project, i don't have to much time to work on developing my own cms so i am going to use TOMATOCMS - http://www.tomatocms.com, and nearby three months are required to develop my own, and after that i want to switch my site to my own scripts, my que. is how can i use?/is it possible to use? database and records created by TOMATO with my cms?

[QUOTE=chixone36;1617345]hi, bro, first your video file convert Youtube formate. after convert youtube formate copy script and submit any place.[/QUOTE]
Thanks for your support but my actual trouble was taking streaming data from one source and convert or processing it on server for low bandwidth users (2G GPRS QUALITY), and then send this live stream to bottom user or client. e.g., taking data from news34 channel and parse it for low bandwidth users.

Here before this, someone was already raised the thread regarding my issue, but this not resolved my problem , please anyone show whole process of module and connecting it to actual program with example. If you have any reference link regarding this please share i will check this out.

Thanks in Advanced for any support.
by Vishal Bandre

Is it possible to take video data from one online resource and convert it to another format or quality like avi to 3gp,etc from high quality to low with server side scripting languages PHP, PERL, ETC.

Hi, today there are too many handsets in market which supports videos, i'm using Nokia 5230 it can play live youtube videos, live stream tv ( rtsp, etc ) in 3G environment. There are other handsets by Nokia as well as other providers available in market. So don't worry if, you are developing flash enabled website for mobile user version.