Add more quality and unique content to your site, start doing linkbuilding to your site to drive traffic to your site. After getting some decent traffic to your site, apply for adsense. There is a chance for approval.

Adwords is the best one which gives you more traffic to your website. You can't promote affiliates offers on Google adwords.

You need a website to run PPC Campaign with targeted keywords on the landing page to get good quality score. Then select the right search engine for doing PPC. Invest some time to find the right keywords and adcopy for your site. For Generating keywords you can use google keyword tool. If you want to know how to create a PPC campaign you can refer help provided by the search engines.

If you search in google, you can find lot of sites which teaches you what is PPC and it's advantages. You can also find help about various strategies followed in PPC. Before you started to learn about PPC, you must learn about search engines and its guidelines.

It's not a problem but optimizing the site for search engine friendly is very important.

It depends on how we are using SEO in both. If we optimize the site well for search engine, then both are good. We need to consider some factors in Wordpress that is the plugins used in Wordpress. Some of the plugins may affect the performance of the site(loading time).

It's really a very informative post. I know only the basic things about sitemap. Now i clearly understand the difference between machine readable and human readable sitemap.

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There are lot of Do follow forums available on the internet. Google it and you can find out more. You can find a bunch of forums list on the internet.

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