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Have you tried:

$query="INSERT INTO users ('firstname', 'lastname', 'username', 'confirmusername', 'password', 'confirmpassword', 'email' ,'confirmemail') VALUES ('$firstname', '$lastname', '$username', '$password', '$confirmpassword', '$email' , '$confirmemail')";


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So in the normalize_abs_value function, I would take the value of samples[i] and then multiply by 2 to the power of 15?

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Harsh negative feedback, if I'm honest. People learn differently.

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Hey, try this:

#include <iostream>
#include <cstdlib>
#include <ctime>

using namespace std;

int main()
    int one;
    int ran_num;

    time_t seconds;
    time (&seconds) ;
    srand((unsigned int) seconds);
    ran_num = rand();
    cout << ran_num << endl;

    cout<<"Enter this number: ";
    cin>> one;
    if (one == ran_num) {
        cout << "Not the right number:(!";

Store the random number inside a variable, then you can compare it!

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So, how, I am reading it from memory?

Thank's for your reply

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Hey there,

Possibly. PHP doesn't (that I know of) gain access to your computer without you being on a server, it is server-side and therefore needs to be on a server. You would therefore have to specifically download something and then run the application. Most of the links that you will be recieiving will be "Phishing" and some maybe able to access your COOKIES but that's about it. Just make sure you have a good anti-virus and firewall blocking them! Hope this helps :)

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Like everyone else has said, you should atleast attempt it before posting on here!

Maybe this might help..

#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <numeric>

using namespace std;

double subTotal(vector<double> &values)
    return accumulate(values.begin(),values.end(),0);

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {

    vector<double> numbers;


    cout << subTotal(numbers) << endl;

It might give you an idea how to do stuff like Grandtotal etc..

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[QUOTE=sufyan2011;1720184]I started programming when I was 17, first language was C and didn't find programming as much intersting, I was more interested in Graphic desiging so I spend most of time in learing Flash, besides that I kept learing C++. In university I actually started programming in 6th semester after a great scolding by lecturer. At that time, VS 2003 and C# 2.0 was in boom, I like thse language because of this was user interface supported. After university, I tried to start my career in graphic designing but I did it for just 10 days and moved back to Asp.Net web development and from day that to now, I am guy. I started loving it ;) because it also helps me to keep my grpahics hoppy side by side.[/QUOTE]

Quick question:

Do you believe that DEVELOPERS and DESIGNERS (Graphic) are different? In a sense that, I can develop but can't design for anything, I suck haa!

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Hello there, wonder if you can help me..

I've got to normalise a database, up to 3NF and wonder if you do the normalisation on each individual table, OR the database as a whole?

I've got this so far:

Body Type
Air Conditioning

The key is registration_No and the functional dependancies are:
registration_No -> {Make, Model, Type, Cylinder, Body Type, Transmittion, Air_Conditioning, Color, Photo, Passenger}

And this table is in: 1NF, 2NF and 3NF..

Does this look ok, or am I doing it wrong?

Thanks :)