[QUOTE=ddymacek;1636017]can you replicate this problem right now? since you have debugging code in there what are the values of username, and commenttxt when it fails, you should be able to tell us this. Perhaps its a mysql connections issue where you are attempting to connect to the database 'too' often and have too many connections open, but I would assume if that was the case you would get a value in mysql_error().
make sure all error reporting is turned on. drop this in after session_start();
More feedback is needed of what your actual problem is.
Since this works 'most' of the time there should only be a handful of questions.

  1. do you receive all of the 'expected' data (are both fields set).
  2. what is the actual query that you are sending to your db? (as ardav speculated, perhaps user input is breaking the query itself, so you may need to sanitize the commentTxt before sending to db) maybe escape all ' marks, as a matter of fact why don't you try addslashes:

function slashes($str) {
if (!empty($str)) {
return addslashes($str);
} else {
return $str;
// or change your line to
$commentTxt = mysql_real_escape_string(addslashes($_POST['commentTxt']));
again, it is hard to speculate without any more knowledge of what is going wrong.[/QUOTE]
Thank you, but the I couldn't find anything that distincts the case when the error occurs. The same input data and session values are sent when the error occurs, and when ...

Muslims do believe in the real Bible and Torah, not these ones which has been altered or distorted by many people across the history. There was a Muslims scholar who was versed in the Bible and Christianity. He discussed the fact that the current Bible is not the Bible that was originally sent by God. I don't know a lot about it, so don't discuss it with me :D You can search for his videos on Youtube.
As far as I remember his name was Ahmed Deedat. You can search for his videos that show his debate with many Christian priests and professors.

Come on guys! You do know that Hani is talking about real facts, yet you still misquote him. I've scanned the thread to see whether there is something said by Hani like what you say, Sergent.. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any!
Please let's try to respect the others and be reasonable.

[QUOTE=Hani1991;1630546]Now this is completely offensive to Muslims and Christians. I wouldn't speak about the Holy Qur'an or the Holy Bible like that.
Given the fact that you just say something is bad doesn't mean that this very thing is bad.[/QUOTE]
Thank you Hani1991. I believe you're completely true in every word you've said.
I have many Muslim friends from different countries. They're all so kind.
Also, we should respect religions no matter what our ideologies are. I and many Christians all over the world respect Muslims. Those who don't respect Muslims know very little correct ideas and many incorrect ideas about Islam.
I apologize instead of this guy for having said such things about Islam and the Kor'an.
And I liked that quotation "Terrorism has no religion." Perfect!

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