Hi there,

Can you post your code so we can see how this is happening?

Thanks and good luck!

I was thinking of setting the file with usernames and paths included.

Username Path
bernie d:\somedir\users\bernie\
david d:\somedir\users\david

Just a tab delimited text file

Then read in the file and split the lines into a 2 element array. Do this in the load form section so it's ready to go when someone selects a user from your form.

Then, loop through the array when someone selects a user until you get to that user and use the path for however you want.

I hope I answered your question.

Let me know how it all goes.

Thanks, Bernie.

Try making a file with a list of all the usernames and there corresponding directory.
Populate the drop down box with this list of usernames.
When a name is selected then read the corresponding folder and open the file inside this folder.
There are tutorials everywhere for reading and writing from text files in VB .Net such as [URL="