well "prcys" i a asking about both. because SMM is also a part of SEO and while doing SMM of some site you are doing SEO too.

How come Google+ could be useful for SEO or like facebok is used to grab traffic?

SEO doesnt require anything, you require SEO for your site. mean to say, just learn it:)

Nice definition, but we all want some practical guidelines for the improvement of SEO knowledge.

and according to my experience, social networks are the most effective ways to grab traffic.

Website Navigation is the method through which we can go from one page to another on our own site. there are different methods of web site navigation like horizontal, vertical or both used at the same time.the method used in sites should be easy to use.

well, like all other sources, concentrate more on social media marketing. it would be real useful.

well, here is a question. how many back links would you recommend in one day to get maximum results against my key word?

thanks a lot to all of you, it is a help more than my expectations. i shall ask further during the learning process. now i am just going through your recommended tutorials and searches.

i shall go for the both ones because both have their own benefits in respective ways.

here is a useful link for you [url]http://www.payperclickecademy.com/[/url] you can learn thoroughly from there.

well, go for social media marketing. make pages and drag traffic.

nice to read all that, quite useful.

yes obviously its a part of seo, because it has also a big part in bringing a site upwards in the overall search engine ranking.

yes a very very effective medium to attract the attention of the users by posting different contents for the purpose of your popularity and to gain traffic.

and among them which is the most effective medium?

now accept a warm welcome from my side too:)

well, i know the significance of direct marketing. but can you guide me about its most effective tools and strategies through which i can use them?

well as i think there is a problem on your on page where it is not friendly with msn or yahoo. so check them on web master tools

so how can we ping to the search engines, is there any of their own directory in which we can register our website?

they all are facts and i totally agree to them, here i have my own experience where i got hired in a company where they get 30% more traffic through social media especially from face-book by the social media campaign. i find that it may not give us more back links but still it has that much capability to increase traffic as well as enhance the popularity of a company.

Obviously Google+ as it has more diverse features like privacy and has more facilities like you tube and gmail and all other things under one login. besides that it has the back of Google the largest and the best.

i think to get information and going into your privacy is their need and the results provided by Google is our need, so lets just trust on it without getting offended.

go to this web site [url]www.elance.com[/url] make your account there and they will guess your abilities with respect to your skill. there you can earn at home or can make it your business.

see if you have offered good payment methods? and run social media campaigns for the popularity of your site and to get more traffic.

u mean just results are shown and no technical sources are exposed. well now i am using PR toolbar in which alexa results are shown and i have confirmed them through google analytics. thank you very much for your help.

create your own blogs and put permanent links on them of your site. but remember first your content of the website should be attractive and useful. then back linking shall give you benefits.

well, its not all about link building, to get a good pr you have to go strategically. look at your content, its compatibility with page and then the on page compatibility with off page scenarios. try social media as well for your popularity and to generate traffic on your web.

in my view, link building is a main part of seo. you cannot get traffic, take your key word up or increase your pr without putting links of your web on different platforms like blogs, forums or social bookmarking etc

ok i got your point but can you explain the sample size based on which alexa is decide? how that sample size is taken?