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Thank you very very much!

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Thanks! thank you for explain the upgrading process ,it is benefits me to know that. Actually i don't need to cope with the upgrading i need explore the simple things that the programmer need to change manually , like changing the calling sentence to a function that has change.
What else examples you thinking about? It will really help me !

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There is misunderstanding...
I gave an example that exist , so for sure there is some things that not clear .
You are right that the fact that there is a new infrastructure software - new version to the old one , the old infrastructure software not need to be change , it exist buא it doesn't make seance to the new one and the code that was depend on the old , the code will run without Errors ... but , the idea is that the company want's to fit all code that depends on the old version to the new version .

I am not asking about java , I am asking about the issue of handle the code that was depends of the old version and now have to be depend on the new version .
It's exist , Today , when programmer have a code that depends on software , and the software was upgraded , he need to change his old code to fit the new version .

Rivka Schwartz

I will explain my self again , maybe it's still not clearly ...

Many companies develop a software infrastructure that others in the develop team use this software infrastructure in there develop code , every few month or maybe years the company release a new version of the software infrastructure because of adding features , functionality , different algorithms etc' ..
The issue is that i want to know about the changes when the company release new version of the software infrastructure code .
I wrote about simple change that i know , that the develop team need to cope with , if in the past the develop team used a function with 1 argument to do something lets call it X , today , to do the same thing X they need to call the same function but with 2 parameters , because in the software infrastructure the function was changed in the new version.
So , They need to change the old code to fit the new version of software infrastructure .
So , I really want to know more about this process, which changes there are more ,on functions, on classes , on packages , and more ?
what are the problems that the software develop team has to deal with?

Thanks for your patience :)

Rivka Schwartz

Thanks for response , I think i didn't made it clearly.
I will explain my question ..

let's say that I have version X , and a code that use this version we will call it A.
And then Our version X was upgraded to version "X+1" .
this process of upgrading includes some changes like add arguments to function , changing kine of arguments ,I believe there is many more things that change , that what i will want to know from you ...

when we know what are the changes , we can go to the code A and change the code to fit the version "X+1".

is there is changes that you know about them that you can share with me?
when you said "when versions are upgraded new facilities are added" what the influence on the code? files are added? functions are changed ? what else?

thanks alot!

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Hi ,
In the next month i will be involved in java project that deal with the changes of code that depends on some upgraded version .
I am a student so i have never seen before upgrade code ,I really want to understand how the upgrade work , what are the changes for example? which are the problems that upgrade deal with?

Maybe one simple thing that i know about upgrading versions will help to explain my question,
for example :
at the previous version : [CODE] void foo( int num ); [/CODE]
at the new version the same function but : [CODE] void foo(int num1, int num2 ); [/CODE]
so , at the code that depends on this software any where there is call function [CODE] foo(/some number/) [/CODE] , now we will need to send two numbers [CODE] foo(/some number/ ,/some number/); [/CODE]

I will appreciate any answer ,and will be happy to expand my understanding .

Thanks ,
Rivka :)