I have an older Dell desktop that is running Windows XP. All of a sudden, I keep getting messages that my "virtual" memory is being used up, and to shut down and restart. It seems to freeze everytime I try to do something on it. I run AVG free on it. I have also run Malaware Bytes Malware on it, along with Spybot and Ad-Aware. It even seems to freeze when I try to do a defrag. Is this computer on it's way out?

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[QUOTE=dah68154;1656785]Yes, I had both of those programs and disabled them. Thanks![/QUOTE]
No problem. This website is great! Glad to help.

[QUOTE=dah68154;1656622]I had this exact message. Can you tell me what programs you unchecked?[/QUOTE]


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[QUOTE=flagstar;1648178]I've done some research for this.

Try downloading Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program from [URL="

[QUOTE=flagstar;1647144]Disable Java under 'msconfig'

To do this, type 'msconfig' under Run and it should open a new windows. Select startup tab and disable Java and any programs that not necessarily used but do not disable any 'system32' programs.[/QUOTE]


Thank you for your response. I did this, and Java was already disabled. Help!


We get the following message when we boot up our Windows Vista laptop, along with it popping up at any time at all when we are using the computer. This is what it says:

Java Virtual Machine Launcher

Could not find the main class:com.anabel.pp.JettyPersonalizationServerMain.Program will exit.

Any help in how to get rid of this message would be appreciated. Thank you!