What I mean is, the material used is not good, but it's not bad either. :) You can buy it and still enjoy the music that you want but be sure take proper care of it.

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Thank you :)

What good can it do by putting a password at the very start of your website? Anyway this can help, it's from pageresource.com/jscript/jpass.htm

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">

var password;

var pass1="cool";

password=prompt('Please enter your password to view this page!',' ');

if (password==pass1)
alert('Password Correct! Click OK to enter!');


The speaker look like a second rate speaker. The price is also good but I think this speaker is only good for small rooms because of its sound quality.

Good day to all, I'm Alexis and I'm trying to learn from the masters of this community. You can also find me helpful in some ways.

I have experienced this kind of problem. I though I can fix it with the Folder Options but it failed. I tried using the CMD, go to my drive letter and type "dir". Example: F: > then type "dir". From there I can clearly see that my files are still intact but I can't actually see them when I open the partition. I soon heard that a certain malware can cause this problem just like what kaninelupus have said. I tried to scan it and to my surprise I found several malwares but I can't delete them. Using a live CD of Ubuntu can help you see the files, but not removing the malware. Sadly I was forced to format it and lose all my files.