For me my all marketing campaigns are incomplete without social media platform like twitter and facebook.

Even i am involved in some other social platforms which can make my business and marketing reputed. These are:

and many more.

Different social media have the different pattern to achieve the targeted task.

  1. Facebook : Make a fan page and post on the wall and recommend friends to go on the page. Also try to gain more fans for your page.

  2. Twitter : Make interesting tweets to attract the followers and always keep them engaged in your tweets.

There is no doubt that social media marketing is most effective way to become popular over the internet.

Few strategies and regular efforts toward social profiles can make our brand popular among all competitors.

I am completely in favour of wordpress. It is best in most ways:

[B]1. Plugins

  1. Themes
  2. Best design
  3. Flexibility[/B]

[B]Selecting the right keyword is easiest but most challenging process in SEO.

Few steps for selecting the right keywords are:

  1. Search the online vendors relevant to your business.
  2. Go to Alexa and find the keywords which they are ranking well and getting big traffic.
  3. Collect all the keywords from different websites.
  4. Go to the google adword tool and find searched and competition for keywords.
  5. Now be wise and choose the right keywords for each and every page of your website.[/B]

Google Dance is a time period in which Google rebuild its rankings.It generally happens 36 times per year.

It's good news dude. Google has released the google for whole globe. Now every one can enjoy it's hurdles, circles and hangouts.

In my opinion social media marketing helps to make a brand popular.

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