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I am currently taking a pyton programming class and having some extreme difficulties. I am in quite the pickle with these 3 prompts. I do not know where to start for any of these prompts; if anyone has any code or solutions to any of these three promps I will be very grateful.

[B][U]Prompt 1:[/U][/B]
Write a program that creates a dictionary of son-father pairs, you can use celebrities, fictional characters, or even historical figures for fun. Your program should present the user a menu with three options. The following is an example.

0 - Quit
1 - Find a Father
2 - Find a Grandfather

Option 0 should end the program.

Option 1 should prompt the user for the name of a son. If the dictionary contains the son-father pair, the program should display the father. Otherwise, the program should tell the user it doesn't know who the father is.

Option 2 should prompt the user for the name of a grandson. If the dictionary contains enough information, the program should display the grandson's grandfather. Otherwise, the program should tell the user it doesn't know who the grandfather is.

The dictionary you create should include several geneartions so that a grandfather can be found given the name of a grandson.

[B][U]Prompt 2:[/U][/B]

Write a program to sort a list of numbers using the insertion sort algorithm (one of the many sorting algorithms). Given a list, insertion sort works by taking elements from the list one by one and ...

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I am new to python, and I have been having some difficulty as of late. The current prompt that I am working on entails:

Write a program that gets the names of a player's top-five favorite games. Your program should store the names in a list. Then, the program should display teh five game names in the list.

So far this is what I have:

[CODE]list = [""]
raw_input("\nEnter your top-5 favorite games:")
print "Your favorites are:"
for item in list:
print item
raw_input("\nPress the enter key to exit")[/CODE]

The problem I am having is that I do not know how to correspond the users input into the list for it to display.

Any thoughts?