Im doing SEO for my client sites(2 websites) which is now ranked in Good position in all search engines. now my client register some 50 domains related to their business keywords and redirect those 50 domain to the websites that I'm currently doing SEO. Now he wants to track the traffic coming from those secondary domains and i use Google URL builder to generate the tracking URL and i put that code in the .htaccess of the secondary domain, but its not working correctly for me, so kindly anyone help me on this issues.


I’m analyzing keywords for my ad words campaign; this is the first time I’m running ad words for my site.
So I’m a little bit confused with keywords selection, I’m using the Google keyword tool for keyword analyzing. In this tool which match type should I choose? In order to get better result Broad, Exact, Phrase.

Are any tutorials available to learn about Banner advertisements? One of My clients is requesting me to do banner ads for his website but I have no experience in banner advertisement, any valuable information in regards to the tutorials for Banner ads will be highly appreciated.

How to find dofollow blogs? I used all the query strings to find dofollow blogs, but nothing seems to be working for me. Can anyone tell me the new idea to find the dofollow blogs please?

Hi Friend's

I need a clarification regarding How Google calculate relevancy when they give results
For example when I searching in Google.com for the keyword Italian restaurants in New Jersey
When I look at the result in Google SERP the words like FOOD, DINING in title and description also in BOLD so can anyone explain how Google calculate relevancy? So that it will helpful for me to frame the title tags.

I need a clarification regarding keyword repetition in title tag

The question is how many times a keyword should repeat in the title tag, for example my keyword is [B][COLOR="Red"]Second hand Car for sales[/COLOR][/B] and I target this single keyword for a page.

Second hand Car for sales – Website Name

Is it enough or I need to repeat the keywords another time?

I have created a sub domain and put robots file
As follows
User-agent: *
DisAllow: /

Will it affect my main domain?
I have robots file in my main domain as follows
User-agent: *
Allow: /

Is it possible to do SEO for an French website ? I am afraid that I don’t know French. Suppose if I get the project then what are the possible steps do i need to follow to bring the respective website in the first place in Google SERP.

I have started doing SEO for the website with dynamic pages (Shopping Cart Website).so kindly tell me what are the things to be considered in on page optimization. So it will help me when I analyze my website.

Hi Friends

I'm using Google Webmaster tool and Google analytic tool to know the website performance and user behavior, i know the basic things to handle these both tools but i planned to learn more deeply, so friends refer me any video or PDF tutorials to learn these both tools.


I am working for my client site currently, the problem is with the content. They placed content in an individual folder and it's being called from there to the appropriate pages.using File include Method, so is it Good For SEO?

[QUOTE=zesiranjha;1706286]Hi everyone,

Would you please help me, I want to know, How i can check backlinks on yahoo.

Best Regards

Yahoo Site Explorer was Moved to Bing webmaster so you can check there, Otherwise you can backlinkwatch.com

I just little confused with targeting Keywords for a page, because when I go through some SEO blogs
They all said Target a Single keyword for a page.

How it is possible?

Let us consider my website the main business of my site is providing loans online, so my website has 4 pages say Personal-loans, Business-loans, Home-loans, and Education-loans
Now let us consider Personal -Loans page
Keywords For my personal-loans page is

Personal loans Mumbai
Personal loans India
Cheap personal loans
Personal loan agents

These are the keywords I target for the Personal loan page
How it is possible to target a Single Keyword for a Page? Please any one explain.

I have two questions regarding article submission

1.Is it good to submit a single unique article in more the 50 or 60 article submission Directories?

2.If all the directories accept my article then, is Google considering all the links from the directories as my back link or it take from 1 or two directories?

I’m working for my client’s website whose business is mainly based in India, and they suggest some keywords for me to start SEO.
The keywords are like this

[B][COLOR="Red"]Mobile show room
Mobile shop[/COLOR][/B]

But the problem is they want their website ranking for the keywords based on the city name
For example whenever user search for the keywords

[B][COLOR="Red"]Mobile show room Bangalore
Mobile show room Delhi
Mobile show room Chennai[/COLOR][/B]

They want their website on the top of the search list.
They want to add nearly 25 cities, but the agreement is only for 20 keywords
I suggest them to create separate pages or a sub domain for each city to target particular keywords, but they did not accept it.
So tell me what kind of suggestions I shall give that to my client.

I have some doubt regarding keyword analysis; please some one answer to this

Below are the keywords I have picked for one of my page but I have some doubt regarding the keywords

                          Global monthly Searches     Local Monthly Searches

Sales Training Program 9,900 800
Sales Training programs 6,600 590
Sale training Course 27,100 1,900
Sale Training Courses 22,200 1000

How to optimize the above 4 keywords in title tag which keywords I have pick
Program or programs
Course or courses

Hi Below is the title which I currently placed for my page which is only 63 characters

[COLOR="Red"]SEO Company in Chennai, India, Professional SEO Company Chennai[/COLOR]

But when I saw my website in Google, title tag of my site was display like below

[COLOR="Red"]SEO Company in Chennai, India, Professional SEO Company ...[/COLOR]

I know that Google will display only First 65 characters of title tag, more than that it doesn't consider.

But my title tag was only 63 characters. What was the problem with my title tag? Why Google doesn’t display the full title tag?

[QUOTE=jesicawillss;1666285]Hello Friends. Website optimization is not an easy task for me. I know that it is very important task. Can you guide me on the navigation subject? I want to know that which navigation method proves more effective or beneficial for search engines and users?[/QUOTE]

Bread crumb Navigation is the best one

Sample Navigation


Google updated their algorithm(Panda 2.5), so now Google Calculate the PR by the following metrics.

Bounce rate
Avg Time user spend time on your webpage
Internal Structure of webpage
Quality content

So you work according to that.