You can grap text from website like this :

navigate to the website
      'and then you will need to get all the text from the website so(and save it to a textbox or / somtehing else )
      TextBox1.Text = WebBrowser1.Document.Body.InnerText
     'after you got the text you will need to split it to get the text you wanted.

There is nothing wrong with the code you posted maybe you problem is in other place in your code
can you show me the code so i could try figure out what is the problem.

What kind of error Are you getting?
And the code above is in the user control Courses1 cause if so you might have to change in to Me instead of Courses1

Thank You for you'r help:)
I found another way to do so by using the command split.

hey i'm trying to make console app with basic commands like copy,move the problem is that i cant get my code right
the command suppose to be like this:

= copy to
file directory>the copied file
im trying to split the : file directory, > , the copied file
to string or perhaps if there is an easier way to do so
thanks for the help:)

I Have Email Sender Program and i want that the program could send email with images inside too.