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To all webmasters, lurkers, seo's, and newbies alike.
June here your humble servant :)

Thanks for the tip Adam, for my case I'm running a classified ads sites instead of using Facebook Ads or Google Adwords, I told my facebook friends (about 2000) that whoever has the most number of ads will win a price money. This is better than that atleast people will truly need to put some actual ads on my site - real visitor.

Most of my fb friend are online store owner :)

There's a lot of SEO companies out there offering their services.
Have you tried anyone of them, If you do can you please tell
us your experience with them. For my case I have just purchased
package from backlink monster. I'll keep you posted after
15 days.

[QUOTE=Matthew N.;1653595]thanks everyone for your help!

Perfect. Just what I'm looking for.