[QUOTE=cscgal;1674680]Does all the code work fine when it's all on the same domain?

I didn't notice the Control Script on your test page mentioned in the documentation page you linked to.[/QUOTE]

The control script is there, right at the top. " _udn = "none"; "

Yes, I've never had any problem with scripts when they're on the same domain. The problem is that the "return false" on my link is causing the link to not work. I believe that is what "return false" is designed to do, but I think I read somewhere that the "_gaq.push(['gwo._setAllowLinker', true]);" is supposed to counteract it, to allow the link to work.


Have you tried to see if the link works when only unsecured pages are involved? Just something to rule out.[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for the idea, but it doesn't seem to matter what I use for a url.

philraymond Newbie Poster

Hi all, I've been searching for hours for an answer to this. I can never get help from the google forums, so thought I'd try here. I wasn't sure whether I should post in pay-per-click or web design, but I figure PPC people have experience with this kind of thing.

I'm trying to get google website optimizer (gwo) cross-domain tracking working with the asynchronous code described here: [url][/url]

My outbound link looks like this:


But when I click on that outbound link, it doesn't go to the other website. It works if I remove the return false; but that stops the gwo conversion from registering.

I thought it might be a javascript conflict, so I made this simple test file, and it still doesn't work: [url][/url]

Is there someone here familiar with gwo who knows what the problem might be? If you look at the page source of my test.php, I think the code is perfect. Thanks very much for any advice you can give me.