Daily work with rotation policy and fresh content are main requirement of SEO.

Do-follow links are counted as a back links by Google.On other hand side no follow links are not consider as a back links.

Do some Social bookmarking and Article submissions with fresh content.

A quality work is always brings the positive results.

I ever use Bit.ly for url shorten. so i will suggest you the same.

Only the mozila firfox is one of the best browser for SEO purpose . So just use that.

Page title should be like a keyword. A main keyword is best for the page title.

White hat is Good for long time results and Black hat seo is best for getting intant results.

You need to submit the site map of the website inside the webmaster tool . do some social booking is extra edge.

RSS is basically used to get more traffic on the website.Its important to show the ownership on the given content.

Try your hands on free lancer sites like odesk etc.

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Friends i would just like to ask that whether PPC is good or Email marketing ?

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I guess its best practice to have WWW .redirection .

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For better information read the guidelines of the article directory before submit your article.

You can use google analytic tool to check the traffic.

Black Hat SEO : Its Unethical way to promote a website .It totally deal with the source code of the web page. Main Techniques are : Cloaking,Keyword Stuffing etc.
White Hat SEO : Very ethical way to optimize a website ,use of manual methods to promote a web site .Like : Directory Submissions,Social Book marking forum posting etc.

Link between more then web site is known as cross linking.

I am jashandeep ,I am a SEO expert .Doing programming is my passion .That's it about myself.

You need not to go anywhere just hire a SEO person to promote your website.If you have any question then give a private message to me.