Only the mozila firfox is one of the best browser for SEO purpose . So just use that.

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Black Hat SEO : Its Unethical way to promote a website .It totally deal with the source code of the web page. Main Techniques are : Cloaking,Keyword Stuffing etc.
White Hat SEO : Very ethical way to optimize a website ,use of manual methods to promote a web site .Like : Directory Submissions,Social Book marking forum posting etc.

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I would like to ask that everyone said that Facebook account can be hacked easily ! but if facebook is coded in Java only ! how much secure it will ?

Follow any easiest book.Read one topic and practice a lot as much as you can.

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Its a very useful software in these days .I appreciate you to share such a info with all.

Great its a secret which you have shared with all ! Thanks please keep it up.

Can anyone tell me the difference both technologies.