At line 9 change the sign from "&2s" to "%s"

your missing the starting curly brace of the main function

also will this program work correctly???

it "should" work but it doesn't match your requirements
at your loop you didn't prompt the user for input again

the first one checks for order if it's greater than, less than or equal to the object it is being compared with and returns a specified value given the result

the equals method checks for the equivalence of the objects with their values

the == works similarly as the equals method but it also checks wether the references to the object are equal

my opinion is since you only need to check if the list have duplicates the first option wouldn't be necessary
if the list contains elements that have primitive data types use '==' else use equals method
you can test each option and see for yourself which is appropriate, if you have doubts you can always check the API

you haven't started the thread, add this on your start method

Thread th = new Thread (this);

variable total has no value, doesn't numScores represent the number of scores in the array?

your condition at line 27 is causing this, if your input is valid it will always pass the loop condition thus printing the menu again

Is this the best way to do it?

that would depend on several factors like resources, target audience, proposed project details, time allowance, etc.

For resources you'd need to have a platform where you can create the game like Flash CS series or macromedia which doesn't come cheap.

For a ping pong game it would be a bit easy to make, this project should be beginner friendly

I'd like to say more about other details but since I don't have know much info yet I'll leave it at this.

Is it the only way?

No since you learned Java you should be well aware of Java Applets (though not that abundant)
As of HTML5, CSS3 and javascript you could create pure web browser games that could do as much as flash and more with this you wouldn't have resource constraints like in flash where you should afford the platform though you do need to be aware for different browsers compatibility

You could do a web search of each and see for yourself their capabilities

What would be important aspects to consider?

I don't know how far have you've learned from other languages like Java but if you have experience creating a game with coordinates and threading for concurrency then it wouldn't be too hard (or too long ) to learn.

A good background on math (namely calculus) would help, for example coordinate based movements for AI, object physics and environment interaction.

As a side note:
In my experience it was ...

I'm missing the middle part " "

print quotation marks before and after the loop/process that does the operation

yes there's a lot if you search

A simple solution would be to place all the elements inside a division that has a fixed width

He's a moderator he can delete each and every post from this whole thread

He's probably just doing a test run for some functions regarding the site to check for bugs etc. and this thread will probably be deleted as soon as he's done with whatever he's doing

for(int i = 0; i < list1.size() - 1; i++){
        if(list1.get(i).compareTo(list2.get(i)) == 0){

once an element is removed from either list their sizes will be different from the other. So you can't compare the remaining elements of a list with the others original position

You could use a nested loop to check if a value from a list is present with every element from the other

as I see it it's like this

the checking starts with 0 (list indeces start with 0) so it would look like

movies [ 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 , [ 0 , [ 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 ] ] ]

where the 4th one is a list and inside it the second one is a list

so from left to right [4][1][3] should point to Eric Idle

Also, why is this needed?

change = tenDollar % 10 ; // calculate the change needed

he probably wanted the remaining decimal values to use for the quarter computation but this wouldn't work since tenDollars is an integer type and he can't use the modulo operator for float type variables

myk45 commented: Agreed :) +0

Could you give more details about the problem like any error messages or program output

also take note that printf function is part of the C stdio header

I currently have a subject titled "Introduction to Computer Organization and Machine-Level Programming" which focuses on Assembly language on 32 bit systems with Nasm as the compiler and uses Intel style syntax.

Having studied first high level languages first like C and Java I struggled a bit with Assembly which requires a lot of instructions to perform simple tasks which only takes a few lines for high languages to perform. Despite this unlike the high level lang I get to actually view the compute's memory storage and allocation for the program which answers some of the questions I'd have during the first years of my CS course

Now for other OS, correct me if I'm wrong as I recall Windows was built using C and also in Assembly(but the latter's only minimal)

-use an array of integers for the variable
-each loop has an initialize value of zero, and a condition that it only increments up to 1
-the statement inside each loop is composed of changing the leftmost or rightmost value of the array going right if following from the former or left if from the latter
-in the innermost loop print the array

here's an example using 2 digit binary

int a[2];
    for(int i = 0; i<2; i++){
        a[0] = i;
        for (int j = 0; j<2; j++ ){
            a[1] = j;
            /*prints the whole array from the innermost loop*/
            for(int k = 0; k<2; k++){
                printf("%d", a[k]);  

I_m_rude commented: nice explaination :) +2

Not too surprised for Apple to make this move.
This is just another petty attempt to monopolize the market on mobile devices and this is another example on how low they can get.

I'm more surprised the court actually sided with Apple with this one than the whole issue of Apple sueing Samsung over the designs.
Come on.. they have the copyright on round corners on icons and necessary softwares for touch screen technology and the court actually believed this.

happygeek commented: the phrase beggars belief comes to mind, doesn't it? +11

store the years in an array,
loop through the array and print out the element if it is properly divisible by 4

returns the index where the current element of array y is equal to x, else returns -1 if the value of x is not in the array

What I am considering is dual-booting my Windows computer with it.

Any advice?

try Wubi for ubuntu

PhilEaton commented: great for beginners! +0


shouldn't that be printf(), this is the C forum after all

111100/11000: strcpy doesn't compare but compys from one string to another

you missed reading a word in my previous comment

... and strcmp in comparing the 2 string

111100/11000 commented: Thanks +0

try to use strcpy in assigning a value to chouseing_alphabet and strcmp in comparing the 2 string

how to do the total of value in the array ben[20]

use a loop and make a variable where every element of the array will be added to it

have to use function or other ???????

do you mean you need to use a function for the adding process?
then just pass the array to a function (as a parameter) then do the same process as I stated before
in main:

    sum = totalofarray(ben);

at function:

    int totalofarray(int ben[]){
        int total;
        //do process of adding values to total 
        return total;

line 42: try

int answer(int x,int y)

now there is another problem . I don't get answers to 11xanything ,12xanything. help

next change to the ff.

at line 5: int mutab[12][12];
at line 10: for (int h=0;h<12;h++)
at line 18: for (int i=0;i<12;i++)
at line 31: for (int k=1;k<13;k++)

here's a pseudocode to give you a hint:

    x = 5
    while the value of x is not equal to 0 
        y = 5
        while the value of y is not equal to 0 
        if the value of y less than or equal to x
            print an asterisk
            print a space
            decrement y;
        end while
        decrement x
        print a newline
    end while

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