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Hello All, long time no see, I'm seeking for websites that provides practices of C++ and Java examples for programming students, the idea is to give me a programming question to solve in order to train myself.

more information to know, thanks.
I tryed to install it using the terminal, but some commands dont respond, do you think I have to download another terminal??

thanks, I'll try it ^_^

thanks alot, what's the best software development tool for Linux ubuntu9 ???

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Hi all, I've just installed Linux ubuntu in my computer days ago, and there's not any media player, so I've downloaded tetom player but I've no idea about linux or how to install it's software. so I need some one to tutor me "from the scratch of the scratch" I know I'm asking too much but...... any help????

thanks alot, I'll try it!!:)

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Hi all, I'm having a problem here!! I've attended a lecture on Implementation of stacks in c++ using arrays and it wasn't really hard to understand, but now I'm supposed to know how to Implement a stack using linked list, that's the problem. help please?:confused: