Google Analytic is nice , Join Statcounter and add code in your web page, then you check daily unique visitor status, path , how long in you site etc more about visitor.

[QUOTE=EmilyJohnson;1727774]Sitemap is one of the very important part of SEO. By the help of sitemap crawler comes to know about your whole website and web pages. It is of two types
1.) Xml Sitemap for crawlers &
2.) HTML sitemap for users.[/QUOTE]

Thanks, but i have question both sitemap create for Search engine. For fast crawling If i am wrong please share best answer in descriptive way.

I am not sure about Sitemap and Robot.txt used.

I want to learn Android, and make application for my own use then Share with all.

[QUOTE=Dman01;1720287]Codewise this mean you just open a File using std::ifstream::trunc

std::ifstream File;
std::string filepath = "text.txt";, std::ifstream::out | std::ifstream::trunc );
if (!File.is_open() ||
printf("\nError : failed to erase file content !");

Thanks For Sharing but i have doubt its working properly or Error in If condition.