[QUOTE=Ismatus3;1724078]Hello Trak :)

I hoep you are doing good :) , Python is very easy , i give you a very simple example to bigin , open your editor where you write a Python code and copy this code after clicking on (Toggle Plain Text) here (up the code i give you ) , or just write it letter by letter and with respecting the order of the ecriture :

[CODE]#!/usr/bin/env python
print "Hiii Trak :) " [/CODE]

Execute it , maybe by pushing F5 , and if you want add an other line , maybe in windows copy/past don't work , so you need copy a line by (Ctrl+c) and past by (Ctrl+v) , or you go the the last thing in your last line in your code and push "Enter" and write lettre by lettre your new line , save the file and execute it again , good luck Trak :) .[/QUOTE]

i don't know how.... sorry

[QUOTE=Gribouillis;1723876]Well did you type and run the script ex1.py ? it prints 7 lines of output. The question is to add an 8th line, it shouldn't be that difficult.[/QUOTE]
I tried putting
print "a new line."
then when I saved it and tried to run the script the script only showed the first 7 lines

do you know how to make another line in the script? :)

Trak Newbie Poster

Hi :) i'm kind of new to this site and everytime I read a thread someone else makes i don't understand what anyone is saying.... :sad: well anyways, please help me python pros.
I have been on my very first exercise of "Learn Pyhton the Hard Way" since two weeks ago and i can't seem to understand the extra credit. How exactly do you print another line in a script? and what is a script? and what is a octothorpe?
I use windows vista if that will help for your guys to answer :)