[QUOTE=Cap.Alvez;1718808]Hi everyone!
I would like to know if python is any good for creating apps for cellphones .. like Iphone,Blackberry.. or even for Ipods?
Ive been researching on this matter but I never got a good answer.. haha

Thanks in advance! :)[/QUOTE]

Check out [url][/url]


So I have been trying to compile an executable with no real luck. I am using gui2exe, which works great... I followed the instructions from py2exe using python 2.6 or 2.7 (both are installed) which says to copy msvcr90.dll and the manifest file. In order to do this and not get an error about improper copying I had to copy the folder with all of it's files to my project folder. When I try to launch my new executable it cannot find msvcr90.dll. I debugged and found that when I try to launch the new executable instead of trying to open msvcr90.dll from the new folder it is trying to get it from the main project folder. I did follow the instructions even the bit that says to append the system path py2exe 5.2.2. I hope someone may be able to point me in the right direction.


So I do understand that what I had before was pretty incomplete, I found gui2exe which isn't working properly for me either. I ended up copying the setup file and making a few changes in order to copy microsoft visual studio .dlls. No success, the files don't make it through.

[CODE]from distutils.core import setup
from py2exe.build_exe import py2exe

import glob
import os
import zlib
import shutil

Remove the build folder

shutil.rmtree("build", ignore_errors=True)

mfcfiles = [os.path.join("C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\VC\redist\x86\", i) for i in ["mfc90.dll", "mfc90u.dll", "mfcm90.dll", "mfcm90u.dll", "Microsoft.VC90.MFC.manifest"]]

mcfdata = [(".\Microsoft.VC90.CRT", mfcfiles)
class Target(object):
""" A simple class that holds information on our executable file. """
def init(self, **kw):
""" Default class constructor. Update as you need. """

Ok, let's explain why I am doing that.
Often, data_files, excludes and dll_excludes (but also resources)
can be very long list of things, and this will clutter too much
the setup call at the end of this file. So, I put all the big lists
here and I wrap them using the textwrap module.

data_files = [mcfdata,
('.\sounds', ['C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\boom.wav',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\bsound1.wav',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\bsound2.wav',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\bsound3.wav',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\error.wav',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\fanfare.mid',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\kije.mid',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\pavane.mid',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\Pittoresco.mp3',
'C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version 11\sounds\venus.mid']),
('.', ['C:\Users\Owner\Documents\COS 125 (Python)\Project two folder\Version ...

pynoobie Newbie Poster

I am having trouble compiling an exe. I tried both py2exe and cxfreeze with similar results, I made an exe but it didn't work. I figured out that I needed to send the image files and sounds with it (should have thought of that to begin with). Now that I added the code for that I get a syntax error:

c:\python26\python.exe py2exe

Here is a copy of the code from my setup file.
from distutils.core import setup
import glob
import py2exe

[glob.glob("images\menu_items\.gif"), glob.glob("images\menu_items\.png"), glob.glob("images\menu_items\.jpg")]),
[glob.glob("images\menu_items\buttons\.gif"), glob.glob("images\menu_items\buttons\.png")]),
.gif"), glob.glob("images\level_objects\
.wav"), glob.glob("sounds\
.mid"), glob.glob("sounds\