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Apply will apply your changes without closing the window. OK will apply the changes and also close/exit the window.

maybe the program is on-hold. havent seen any other information lately.

Id say that if you have a good machine, since you are familiar with windows, try Win 7, then install VurtualBox and give Linux a try as a guest VM and learn something new. The advantage of the VMs are that you can move the files from machine to machine and once you are done testing, just delete the files. No need to worry about reformatting your hard drive, partitions, mutli-booting, etc...

From the Microsoft portfolio, I'd say give Win 7 a try since you can easily apply a windows classic theme so it will look and feel like an XP machine using a classic theme. I'm not find of Win 8.x and I'm not thrilled about what I've seen so far for her 10.

If you are interested in venturing outside of MS, i'd say give Linux a try, Ubuntu is a good choice.

You should be checking to see if the user is logged in and if the user is an admin.

What i would recommend is that when a user logs into your system and you check the credentials and roles, you should be storing some information in session variables. Then on the admin page or any other page that requires security, check the session variables to see if the 1) user is logged on AND 2) is the user an admin. If both are NOT true, then redirect the user to the login page.

i not sure what you are tyring to do by hidding it, but if the problem is related to display: none, then try setting the position to "relative", then move it off of screen by using "left: -99999px".

"Foto" in spanish, italian, catalan, etc.. means Photo. The OP refers to image therefore, the assumption is that we are talking about uploading a picture.

it could be a picture of goat cheese though.

I dont see any PHP code and your form action attribute is blank. You need to include the name of the php page that will handle the processing of your form submission.


<form action="fileUpload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">

Then on the PHP page, extract the data that was included in the post and process accordingly.

. i want to upload image with hide input type file but doesnt work

please clarify what you are trying to do. I dont understand the logic/worklow

Maybe providing some relevant code will help.

Just build the link and include a query string parameter that you can retrieve on the target page. For example..

 echo "<td><a href='single-post-page.php?post=" . $row['ID'] . "'>";

On the target page, retrieve the value passed.


How are you displaying these records? Are you using a web application?

first, please present your code in format that is easier to read. I edited your post because it was very difficult to even look at your code.

next, for the benefit of people trying to help you, provide some information and details, such as what error message do you see on the screen? What are you trying to do?

then, other members here can take a quick look and provide you with guidance.

definately keep it as an integer. to add pritaeas suggestion, you can display it as a string by adding the leading zeros..

int num = 1;
Label1.Text = String.Format("{0:00000000}", num);

Yes, i'd use those two variables. THere are more if you want to try to collect other info..


im not really php developer, more like a php noob, but this is how i basically collect the same info in asp.net

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You need to enclose your style values in quotes.

<div style="property:value;property:value">

It sounds like while the instructor's focus here is on placing the values of the image source in an array and then access them via a loop of some sort. There are a variety of options here. Do you need to use plain JS or are you able to use jQuery?

For me, what comes to mind is something like this if I'm using jQuery.

<img src="dessert1.png" class="slideImg">
<img src="dessert2.png" class="slideImg">
<img src="yummy.jpg" class="slideImg">

  $( ".slideImg" ).each(function() {
    console.log($(this).attr("src") );

You should go back and get clarification regarding the expectation. If i was teaching the class, i think i'd ask for JS if the focus here is arrays and loops. I dont see the challange if you are using jQuery.

I wouldnt recommend saving the zip code as an interger either. The information in a zip code isnt going to be used in any type of arithmetic. The zip just happens to be using numbers as its characters. I'd store the zip in char (if you are absolutely sure of the length) or varchar (if you are collecting zip codes from different regions that may have different lengths) as well. I dont think that the benefit of storing it as an integer (space and handling) justifies the use of integer here.

With regards to displaying the 5 digits, you can pad it with leading zeros either by your SQL statement or in php.

For example, if you are using MySQL, your SQL statement could look like...

SELECT LPAD(zip, 5, '0') as zipcode FROM table;

Instead of using display:inline you can use float:leftso you are able to adjust the size of the width. by using display:inline, you are essentially telling the browser not to treat the element as a block element. inline elements do not have a width. So, try a variation such as this...

#box1 {
   border:1px solid blue;
   margin:50px auto;

#menu ul li {
   font-weight: bold;
   padding: 10px;
   border-radius: 10px 10px 0 0;

#menu ul li a:hover {


sorry for not being more specific. there is no need to create a div, nor are you creating a class called "html". The purpose here is to apply the overflow-y style of scroll to the html element. You can do that using 3 options... inline style, internal style, or external style. Since you already have an external style sheet & we want this to apply to all pages, just open up your file called style.css. On line 14, just add this...

html { overflow-y: scroll }

That's it. I already tested it on live site and it works as expected. I also found this while browsing your page using the browser's dev tools..

you have some other resources not loading (see items in red)...


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Yes your CSS. Apply styling of overflow-y to the HTML selector as shown above.

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What i have gotten used to doing for sites that may have some pages that will fill more than just the screen (vertically) is to just show the scroll bar for all pages. This way, no matter what page you visit, you will not have that "bumping" to the left effect.

If you add this style to your element, it should take care of hte problem.

html { overflow-y: scroll }
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Maybe this would be of some help. put this together very quickly and i know that using tables for this purpose is not optimal but i find that it works well.

.box {
   display: block; 
   margin: 0 2em 1em 0; 

<label for="name">Name:</label>
<input type="text" name="name" id="name" class="box" />

<label for="email">Email:</label>
<input type="text" name="email" id="email" class="box" />

     <label for="city">City:</label>
     <input type="text" name="city" id="city" class="box" />
     <label for="state">State:</label>
     <select name="state" id="state" class="box">

produces this...


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hmm... no that snippet of css wasnt really helpful. if you have the site online, we can take a look and use the browser tools (f12 as DaveAmour suggests) to view the markup and css in detail. Or, if you dont have it online and you are comfortable with html and css markup, the next best thing would be to publish that signup form on jsfiddle.net.

sorry, i wish i could be or more help with what you have posted thus far.

Can you provide the relative CSS code as well?

Ok so all of that code wasnt really necessary...

I thought you meant dropdown as in a select element. Now i understand that you were asking about a navigation menu.

In any case, there are several ways to handle this. A quick look at your CSS and I beleive one easy way is to apply a higher (could be any number, but higher than the z-index of the container) z-index property to the

    element for the second level of your menu. For example,
#nav_wrapper ul li ul { z-index: 9999 }

That results in the following...


You can try the generic text driver if all you need to print is text. Otherwise, you can try another officejet driver available to you even though you dont have the 8610 driver.

I use to do this with laserjet drivers all of the time. I'd use the laserjet4 for printing to newer laserjets. For the most part, printing text and graphics would work. i just didnt have access to the advanced settings on the newer printer (duplexing, etc..). You can try that with an older officejet driver.

you need to provide your sample code and more details as to what you need assistance with. there are limitations with regards to applying styles to select elements.

were you able to solve the problem and if so, please provide the solution to benefit other future visitors...