Its very difficult to understand what your actual question is, at least for me. What is it that you want the result to look like? a integer with no decimal places rounded to the nearest whole number?

If you would do something like this when you create your post, and try to write complete sentences, it would be a lot easier to figure out what you are doing and what the problem is.

I am assuming you have somethign like this. The dropdown is there just to generate the event, variables are assigned values manually in this example as you described above.

<select id="timegap">

    var totalreg = 500;
    var numberofcounselor = 8;
    var timegap = 11;
    var appsperhour = Math.round(60/timegap);  // returns 5
    var appsperhour = 60/timegap;              // returns 5.4545

my recommendation is that you tackle one problem at a time. In additon, if you want to get members to help you, you have to show that you've done some work. Post your relevant code and tell us where you are having difficulties.

here is a snip that you can use to start workign on the first problem (how to add a row dynamically).

Assuming you have a table element, you can easily add a row using jQuery.

here is an example..numRow being a variable that holds the value of your row number.

$('#tbl1').append('<tr><td><input type="text" name="txtBox-' + numRow + '" /></td></tr>'); 

If this is within a form element you can retrieve the values when the page is posted.

code is not tested and is not meant to simply be copied and pasted into your code. You are still missing components such as an element to trigger an event for this snippet of code to execute client side.

The problem i see here without looking at your code in detail is that your form is going to behave by generating a post and the page will reload. you need to prevent that behavior if you dont want the page to reload.

I may be able to take a closer look later, but just try this and see if it solves your problem


if the DC is not configured to sync with an external NTP server, then it assumes it has the authoritative time and because of that, the time would not change on its own. I mentioned for you to check the host server because VMs will generally take upon the time that the host server has.

have you verified the NTP settings? Did you check the system log in Event viewer? the time sync should be logged there.

just to add...

cannot be viewed by me in its original state, the original User password. Is this correct?


When a password is hashed, is it always the same character length?


I would need to know a length in order to store it correctly in the DB.

length depends on method used to create the hash value. You'll quickly determine the length once you start testing the various methods at your disposal.

Also, just to clarify, my last post is not the suggested solution. I was just merely pointing to the fact that my original thoughts regarding positioning seemed to be corret, or at least on the correct path.

I added the !important option to just make sure that nothing else was interfering with the absolute positioning. I didnt have time when i wrote that to go out and figure out why or what the best solution was to fix it. I was only trying to point you in the right direction. Its better if you arrive at the solution on your own if you really want to get some learning/experience out of it.

Its definately related to positioning. When i add this style at the end of your sytles, the pushing effet stops..

.sub-menu { position: absolute !important; }

You can partner with various companies that will provide the ads, such as google adsense. there are others out there.

and how to approach companies.?

you have to build relationships with those target companies. Its a bit more complicated that just picking up the phone and calling someone. If your website has enough traffic or members that they are interested in, they will start calling you.

I want my browing anonymous.

you may be "anonymous" from the perspective of the target system you are accessing, but you are not anonymous from the proxy infrastructure. So, you really need to consider that which ever system you decide to use, you do trust how that organization handles your anonymity, i.e. what do they do with the information they collect about your web traffic.

it would be nice if that div had an ID, but since it can be selected by its class, and assuming there is no other div on the page with the same class, you can try this method...

Basically get the children of the target div, without the text, then save that in a variable.. next insert the new text and append the children. Here is an example...

<div class="wpb_wrapper">
    Log In
    <div class="login" id="theme-my-login1">


    var temp = $('.wpb_wrapper').children();
    $('.wpb_wrapper').text('New Text').append(temp);


the html markup, , doesnt nothing on its own to produce an icon (image). You would need to apply a style to the span.icon-home selector.

For is one way to display an image for the span element with a class of "icon-home"

span.icon-home { 
  background: url(/images/home.png) no-repeat; 
  background-size: 16px 16px;
  width: 16px;
  height: 16px;
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I took a closer look at your source html markup... you have a bunch of html, head and body tags. Your page should only have one set of each.. take care of that first, then come back and provide an update with your progress.

What do I have to add/remove in order to go up and not down?

What do you want to happen when you hover over, then what do you want to happen when you are no longer hovering?

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Both can be and are commonly used.

Hello and welcome.

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You shouldnt be concerned with your desktop. The main benefit for the VM app is that the VMs are installed within a few files stored on your hard drive. no other changes (with regards to the VMs) affect your host computer. When you are done with the VM, you simply delete the folder containing these files (2-5 or so) and that's it.

I cant comment on the CentOS specifically because i'm not well educated on linux systems.

Does your company have a split-dns design? You may have an internal DNS zone (with the same zone/domain name as the one you host externally) that needs to have the records updated as well.

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If you could be more specific as to what help you need, that would be helpful. No one here has a crystal ball to know what you need.

Is banner set?

 if (isset($_SESSION['banner'])) {
   echo $_SESSION['banner'];

If you dont have access to a community college, university or other technical school that offers computer repair classes... I'd recommend that you take a look at this book. I think its the most comprehensive with regards to computer repair/maintenance. I used these books in all of the courses I tought related to computer maintenance.

Then, part 2 is to practice. Without hands on work, its going to be difficult to learn about computer hardware maintenance. This is one of those things in life like learning how to ride a can read about it but you have to actually practice to master it.

Upgrading and Repairing PCs (22nd Edition)

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I still feel like a noob and embarrassed to ask questions.

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Have you tried restarting your system? I'm like you where I try to find logical reasons for this inexplicable behavior, spend time trying logical approaches to solve the problem, then come to find a simple reboot clears the issue.

I think the font size is too big.

Microsoft hasnt released that information as of yet. At the moment, you can download the Technical Preview from their site.

Have you considered handling the auto suggest client side using js/jQuery? You would use the keyup event. (JQuery) then pass the value using Ajax back to your PHP script. Then your script returns the results to your client. Otherwise, without client side help you would have to post back ( reload the page) to allow the PHP script to process the data. That's not going to work well for an auto suggest feature.

I tried to fix it. Is it working now?

Find an ISO for Windows 7? Did you buy a licensed copy?

knives67 commented: yup, i do have a license copy. however i haven't check the content if there is iso file. or do i need to convert it to iso file? +0

The way I would go about this is assigning each of these cells () an additional class. For example, you can have something like this...

<td class="two hsg"><span class="time">8pm</span><br><br>HSG</td>

Then, just use jQuery so that when you click the button, change the CSS properties of the cell.

For example...

    $('.hsg').css("background-color", "yellow" );

Here is a sample...I used a button, but the "button" can be another type of element of your choosing.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script src=''></script>
table { border: 1px solid black }
td { border: 1px solid black }
<button id="btnHSG">Click Me</button><br/><br/>
  <td class="groupA">Cell1</td><td class="groupB">Cell2</td>
  <td class="groupA">Cell3</td><td class="groupB">Cell4</td>

        $('.groupA').css("background-color", "yellow" );

I generally use Server.MapPath... maybe something like this to check if a file exists...

Dim serverPath As String = Server.MapPath("~/FolderName/") + Path.GetFileName("~/FolderName/File.ext")
If File.Exists(serverPath) Then
End If

I'd agree with hericles' suggestion and based on your description, it sounds like something like QuickBooks would solve your problem.

Even if you use Access, you are going to have to build forms and you dont have reporting built-in. you'd have to create the necessary SQL queries and if you want to display the results graphically using charts, you'd have to build that as well.