[QUOTE=caperjack;1717401]no,not positive ,5or6 yr old computer it could be anything ,try it with just one stick of ram at a time[/QUOTE]

Thank you so much, 1 of my sticks of ram is faulty. Have a good day sir, You are my hero!

I tryed a different processor, Same result.

[QUOTE=caperjack;1717391]it only takes 5 seconds if it a AMD cpu ,good luck[/QUOTE]
It is intel, I have another older processor Im going to try. So you think it is the processor and not anything else?

I only had it on for 5 seconds without the heatsink/fan to check that the cpu was working.

I built this computer 5-6 years ago. It has only frozen maybe 2 times and crashed maybe 3. What I mean when I say wont start is, It turns on motherboard lights come on, all fans work, everything seems to be going normally but it stays in high run mode (when it is louder at the start of turning the computer on) and the keyboard lights don't flick on and off and the monitor has no reaction, the mouse lights up, there are no beeping sounds, the pcu warms when computer is on, I have moved all the ram to different slots, I have moved the video card to different slots, I took the whole computer apart and back together, all the wires are plugged in, I think the hdd is spinning (its extremely quiet), and I cant think of anything else to do. Any suggestions? Please help. Sorry for the terrible run on sentences and bad grammar possibly, I just want my computer working again.