You can join a message board that is full of interesting discussions, lively chitchat, and informative conversations. You should answer the queries of people and you can create a signature where you can place your links, you can insert URL's on the post or reply. You will get referral traffic from your posting through your signature. It will help to increase your link popularity. Hence your search engine rank will increase and brings more organic traffic.

I love Facebook. Facebook is easy to use and communicate with friends. I spend 2-3 hours daily on facebook.

After choosing the final keywords of your site, you need to categorized your keyword with your each web page. Create the attractive title and description targeting your keywords. Title must not more then 70 characters and description should up to 180 characters.

You can use many techniques to get number of back links. You can get quality back links by doing social bookmarking, article submission, blog commenting and forum posting.

Bounce rate is basically a method to measure the quality of the traffic that comes to your site. Number of visitors that opens your website and leaves it without viewing any other page. To reduce the number of bounce rate, improve your web page loading time, use relevant keywords for your web page, put the quality content to your site, use navigation structure properly.

When you link your home page from inner page or any other page of your website is known as interlinking.

It's difficult to target all the keywords on home page. You can target only 4-5 keywords per page. Target your primary keywords at home page and rest of all ranking for inner page as you said.

Robots.txt file is a set of instructions that tell search engine robots which pages of your site to be crawled and indexed. In most cases your site is consist of many files or folders i.e. admin folders, cgi-bin, image folder, which are not relevant to the search engines. Robots.txt helps tell spiders what is useful and public for sharing in the search engine indexes and what is not. Robots.txt file is to improve site indexation by telling search engine crawler to only index your content pages and to ignore other pages (i.e. monthly archives, categories folders or your admin files) that you do not want them to appear on the search index.

There are two types of Sitemap, one is HTML and other is XML sitemap. HTML Sitemap is useful for vistors and XML is for search engine. HTML sitemap is one of the most important tactics you can use to distribute your link juice efficiently within your site. It is a bulleted outline text version of the site navigation. An HTML sitemap allows site visitors to easily navigate a website. It is valuable for human visitors, as it allows them to find any page within your site quickly. XML Sitemaps is an easy way for you to submit all your URLs to the Google index and get detailed reports about the visibility of your pages on Google. It is important to get your pages indexed so that you can show up in the results of searches done using the search engines.

If you are website loads slowly, then you may be irritating potential visitors. Waiting for a website to load can cause frustration for the user, who most likely doesn’t like waiting. Instead of letting your website finish, they can be off visiting a quicker site that loads immediately. So make your site faster. Your content must be good.

Interlinking is how you link to your inner pages, the web pages residing under your domain. You can use interlinking to strategically increase your keyword density and improve your search engine rankings.

[QUOTE=globalseo;1724971]Hi Guy,
Do anybody suggest me any site analysis tools in which I can saw my web site rank and visits and leads from which country etc information of my web site....[/QUOTE]

You can use the Google Analytics tool to track your website performance. First you have to create an account on Google Analytics and after that you have to put the GA code on every page of your website.

[QUOTE=caricaturetoons;1720926]Before You Go:

You need a Facebook account to create a fan page. Sign up for new Facebook account if you haven't become a Facebook member yet.


  1. Go to Facebook Page Creation Page.

  2. Select the suitable category of your page and click on it.
  • Local Business or Place
  • Company, Organization or Institution
  • Brand or Product
  • Artist, Band or Public Figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

Note: If you are looking for creating a page for your blog, select Cause or Community. But you have to change it in later step.

  1. Now select your sub-category and fill in basic information.

  2. Now tick to agree with Facebook terms and click Get Started.

  3. Then you'll have to go through a wizard. Add a profile picture, invite friends, add more information through the wizard and continue until end of the wizard.

Note: The wizard is not compulsory and you can do those steps later too. However it's better if you can skip inviting friends step in the wizard as you have to change settings and add more information to your page profile.

  1. Now your page has been created. Click on Edit Page button on top right corner to make some basic changes.

  2. Navigate to Basic Information from left pane.

  3. Fill in most information as you can. Also you can check in more specific categories for your page here.

Note: If you were unable to find your suitable category earlier at ...

I prefer webmaster tools, Google Adwords keyword tool and Google Analytics.

Keyword Analysis is the starting point of search marketing campaigns. Keyword analysis helps to increase conversions, find new markets, and optimize spend, but it requires time consuming examination and decision making.

*Optimize Spend: Distribute more budget to successful keywords and eliminate wasteful spending on those that aren't producing results.

*Eye Trends: Knowledge of keyword search frequency provides insight into market behavior which you can apply to multiple aspects of your business.

*Increase Conversions: Identifying and focusing on well-converting keywords is good for conversion rate optimization and return on investment (ROI).

*Prioritize Your Time: Keyword performance guides campaign importance--spend your time optimizing areas that have the biggest impact on your bottom line.

A special HTML tag that provides the information of web page. Meta tag describe about your website page in a short.

For Bookmarking, I mostly use stumbleupon, reditt, digg, this sites are very good for the Bookmarking.

[QUOTE=hitslikeYou;1716274]Which technique is better onpage seo or offpage seo[/QUOTE]

On page and Off page both are important for the SEO. In on page we do a keyword research, create a Meta tag and description for each page.

Google considers both On page and off page. Off page is an ongoing process.

Hi Everyone,

What is pay per click? How can we use it and how it will benefit??

Hi Everyone,

I want to create a facebook fanpage, but i'm not getting it how should i make a fanpage. Can anyone help me please???

[QUOTE=jesicawillss;1473744]What is White Hat SEO? How many things or techniques are included in it? Can anyone tell me how it proves better for getting search engine result?
Guide me on this subject.[/QUOTE]

Whitehats are those website designers that "play nice" and try to follow all of the search engine guidelines to optimize their site.

*White Hat SEO - Headings
A better use of page elements is to break up your page visually with SEO-friendly headings. An article using <H1>, <H2> and <H3> tags that make good use of your keywords has more weight in search engines than a page full of regular-sized text.

*White Hat SEO - Inbound Linking
When someone links to your blog post or a page on your site within their content, you have a quality inbound link. Unlike with black hat link farming, inbound linking is not a link list traded for the sake of boosting your search results.

*White Hat SEO - Quality Content
Content that targets a strong, related keyword phrase on each page wins every time. After you've chosen your keyword phrase, use it consistently throughout the page.

[QUOTE=globalseo;1716949]What is anchor text? Why is it important?[/QUOTE]

Anchor text is the visible characters and words that hyperlink display when linking to another location on the web.