[QUOTE=Narue;1732716]Did you not read my first post?[/QUOTE]

yes i did, and actually i did a little bit of research on google and yes there is double buffering in console apps and i actually managed to make a decent graphics engine for my games with refresh rates up to 30-60 fps im not sure, but it isnt visible by eye. The page i copied the code and learned the method is:


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No, i actually started learning it, but then i couldnt find opengl2.exe for 64-bit as in tutorial they were using 32-bit. I dont know what to do now. yes i tried google but didnt find anything that was refered to console apps.

[QUOTE=Narue;1732205]The console isn't meant to support graphics engines. If you want graphics, get a graphics library where you can use tricks like double buffering to avoid the flicker effect. If you want to use ASCII art graphics, be prepared to suffer the limitations of the console. It's that simple.[/QUOTE]

Yes but i [B]tried[/B] learning opengl and it is pain in the ass to make it work! i wanted to make my own ascii engine... for now i have suport for drawing circles, lines, rectangles even fill function like a bucket in paint! Also i included the window drawing and buttons.. its actually [B]game engine[/B]... it has the step() function wich draws the screen [B]all over again many times per second[/B].. What were u saying about [B]double buffering?[/B]

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Well... im making some kind of graphic engine for console in [B]c++[/B], ASCII based, just for exercise...

anyways, i was wandering, can i print text [B]faster[/B]? Right now i'm printing the whole map of characters (pix[160][120]) in a [B]single line[/B], so it is fast, however i need it faster cause the screen is [B]flickering[/B] and it is realy annoying..
help please?

im kind of newbie to console input output streaming..