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include <stdio.h>
include <conio.h>
define SIZE 4

char Menu[SIZE] = {'A','B','C','D'};
int i;

for(i=0; i<(SIZE); i++){            // print the array elements


I want to swap the elements of the array for e.g. if I pass A and D or Menu[0], Menu[3], then the resulting array should be something like this when I print it:
D, B, C, A

I want to make use of pointers, I am new to C so don't know how to go about it......



I want to know what is meant by a code footprint. I tried googling but all of them have explanations that I was really not able to understand. Can anyone please tell me what is means? How is it important and how can it be used(if at all it can be used)?

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int a=5;
a=++a + ++a;


the output is come?[/QUOTE]

The explanation is only weird for the first time. i.e. ++a + ++a = 14
But if you debug and see the value of a, it will be 7 and after that if u add another ++a to it the answer is 22 and the final value of a is 8 and it increments by 1 for everytime you add ++a

++a + ++a = 14 final value of a=7
++a + ++a + ++a = 22 final value of a=8
++a + ++a + ++a + ++a = 31 final value of a=9
++a + ++a + ++a + ++a + ++a = 41 final value of a=10 and so on....

So lets say you add one ++a to to the first expression and you get the result 22 i.e. 14+8=22 and it continues like this.

The reason for making ++a + ++a = 14 is:
Lets say you want to print the value of a and since there are 2 values of a so the makers of 'C' decided to give both the a's the final value i.e. 7 in this case and added them to give 14.

I hope I am able to give some justification to it.

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Hi everyone,
I am using a LCD from Sitronix ST7920. This LCD comes with some self-defined symbols, I want to know how can I retrieve the self-defined symbols from the LCD.

[QUOTE=Knowsum;1746347]I took jumbowat's suggestion and ran the program. There appear to be 34% "bad drivers". I need to spend more time on this. Thanks for the help.[/QUOTE]

Now that you know what drivers are outdated, find them on the web. I am sure you will get it somewhere or the other. Try or the websites of your hardware. Free drivers are there, you just need to find them. All the best.

[QUOTE=caperjack;1745070]was going to say im sure its a good program ,but then i ran it ,and first they want money from you to download drivers you can get from the maker of the devices on you motherboard ,for FREE
so i ran it and it said i have 16 bad drivers ,2 or three mentioned were for my harddrive controller ,my router ,my wireless device ,all working just fine ,all drivers were for devices that work just fine on my computer ,thinking they just see drivers that they think are outdated ,
my opinion to the original poster is you only need updated drive if you are having problem with a specific device ,and the updated drive will fix it .[/QUOTE]

Updated drivers are only a better version of your previously installed drivers. Obviously your hardware is working fine, it just showed whether a new driver is available or not.

Are you trying to compare an element of a structure with a variable???
Post your entire code.

The 'scanf' buffer gets full after you enter the name. So either flush it or use 'gets' function. All the best.

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Download 'Driver Agent'. It automatically checks your system and recommends if there are any updates available for any of the hardware. Installing the drivers or not, is upto you.

[QUOTE=shaunstevin;1744157]I think it would some browser issue,or url query.


Hey swiftech, the changing the DNS address also didn't help. I have a GLB-502T router and it working fine. When i pinged [url][/url] there was no loss either. This means that the problem with not with the router as well (I guess :-/). The firewall is also off. I cant understand what the problem is. Somebody please help. :icon_cry:

The following link will answer all your questions [URL="

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The problem is with the hardware. To be precise, its with the motherboard, try changing the cables or get the motherboard fixed. If its too expensive....its better to just live with it, get more out of it and then get a new one. All the best though.

[QUOTE=pudgeeboy;1732049]the thing is, some of my mp3 files that are already stored in my flashdrive are just playing fine. the recently downloaded mp3 are the one that are having some problems playing.

i just notice that the corrupted mp3 files has different bit rates(192kbps) compared to the okay ones.

is this some bit rate problems? did it somehow get corrupted during "when i moved them on the flashdrive"?[/QUOTE]

bit rate has got nothing to do with that, the mp3 files have corrupted when you copied them. Download them again and format the flash drive

The sensor in the ROM might be damaged. The drive is shown because all other hardware of the ROM is fine. You will have to get a new one or connect this one on an another PC, see if it works. All the best.

That port might have been disabled....enable it from the device manager and if you are running out of ports then get a USB hub

try using another USB port on your PC

Format your HD directly or from the Command Prompt

Thanx but the firewall is turned off....any thing else that could possible be wrong.
I am able to access fb if i use a dongle.....i wonder what the problem is :?:

Your compiler should have a graphics.h file (not there in Dev C) and you can find the programs over the internet or in some authors book.

if you are a developer then Xp will provide you with all the necessities like drivers etc. I am currently using Win 7 but i also have to run a Xp in a virtual box, because 7 is relatively new there a very few drivers available for it. Although if you just want to use a PC for a non-official purpose then go for 7, its actually fun. Remember "Old is Gold, New is Bold."

No probs man :)

If you have switched to some other OS then you need to change the BIOS settings, this is also needed in case of a new hard disk

[QUOTE=Narue;1736796]It doesn't matter what result your compiler gives you. Allow me to summarize since you're reading-impaired (ie. the following has been said multiple times already in this thread): [B][I][U]The behavior is undefined, and thus, completely unpredictable.[/U][/I][/B] Your mistake is assuming that test results from Dev-C++ will be consistent on all other compilers, which is wrong.[/QUOTE]

[B]Thanks O! Great One.[/B]

Try using the "Snapshot" Tool which is available with PDF. You cannot do the same if you are using google docs.

[QUOTE=Narue;1736788]Did you not read the thread before posting your incorrect answer?[/QUOTE]

I compiled it on Dev C++ and that is exactly the output i got. Please tell me what is wrong about it?

Hi everyone, I have a ADSL 2+ router from D-link, i have access to all the websites except [url][/url] and [url][/url]

This is my personal computer so there is no chance of anyone blocking it. Can anyone enlighten me with what exactly is the problem??? :?:

Dude where is the '&' operator in the scanf function???? :-O

try this code :)



// gives a integer for a hexadecimal number
// var decaration
int hex;
printf("\nEnter a hexadecimal number.");
printf("\nThe integer equivalent is: %d\n", hex);