right ive sorted out my breaks, im a bit stumped on how im going to get the character to move, say i wanted the character to turn to the right and walk foward, then everything in the room would move round, surely i would need to have a different set of commands depending on the whereabouts and direction facing? Ive picked a bit of a complicated project for a beginner havent i? haha

roshurwill Newbie Poster

Hi everyone, recentley new to programming and the language python.
So ive learned an amount of python, i decided to start a projct.
My project is to make a game, which the user plays using only commands, like walk foward, open the door etc, you are in the bedroom... whatever.
Ive started programming some of it but wondering how to link back to a previous line and start from there again, and also once a command has been said it can then progress onto the next stage, for example the user is sat on the bed, but stands up from the users input command, then the next stage of commands that would be available should be loaded and then continue depending on the users input.
Heres what ive got so far

[CODE]import sys, os
print ("You wake up and you do not remember anything...")

raw_input("Press Enter to continue..")

print ("You sit up and find yourself in a bedroom")
raw_input("Press Enter to continue..")

print ("You try to stand up but you are hand cuffed to the bed, what do you do?")
look around, to the left is..., infront of you is..., to the right of you is, above you is..., behind you is..., below you is...

command = raw_input("What do you do?: ")

while 1:
if command == "look up":
print "You look up to the ceiling but nothing of any use is up there."

elif command == "look down":
    while 1:
        print "You look down you are ...